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Exploring Ancient Pyramids, Part 2

Exploring Ancient Pyramids, Part 2

Date(s) - 07/27/2023
3:00 pm

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Wissahickon Valley Public Library


Free USD
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Wissahickon Valley Public Library in Blue Bell


Parts 1 and 2 are equally exciting. If you only want to attend Part 1 or Part 2 only, that is perfectly fine, however, we don’t think you’ll be able to resist attending both. 🙂

Part 1 and Part 2 each have a separate registration page.

The pyramids of Egypt stand as majestic witnesses to the passage of time, filling everyone who sees them with awe and wonder. Most are surprised to learn that in fact there are over 100 known pyramids in Egypt. According to an old proverb, “Man fears Time, but Time fears the Pyramids.” Not surprisingly, the grandeur and longevity of Egypt’s pyramids has generated a bewildering and often fanciful array of suppositions as to why they were built, how they were built, and who built them, all too often ignoring what they actually represent.

This lecture brings together the body of archaeological data recovered from the sands of ancient Egypt, including my own field research, to address these issues and to help answer these questions – with facts, not speculation. All audiences – due to the extensive body of data available, this topic is presented in two parts, as a mini-course.

Stephen R. Phillips, Ph.D., is the Curatorial Research Coordinator in the Egyptian Section of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Dr. Phillips earned his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in the fields of biological anthropology, archaeology, and Egyptology at the University of Pennsylvania. He is listed with the Register of Professional Archaeologists.

He has traveled extensively and participated in a wide range of archaeological excavations for over 30 years, including fieldwork at Petra, Jordan; near Bordeaux in southwestern France; and in Egypt – at the Great Pyramids and at Saqqara.

He is the Archaeological Site Supervisor and Biological Anthropologist for the Cairo University-Brown University Expedition in the Great Western Cemetery at Giza. He is also a professional guide for American tour groups to Egypt.

Dr. Phillips specializes in the study of human origins, human skeletal biology, ancient Egyptian mummies and mummification, archaeology, and Egyptology.


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