Lebanese Shawarma with Mona Bahsoun

Saturday, May 20, 2023 | 6:00PM – 8:30PM


Join Mona Bahsoun for a fun evening as she shares some of her family’s favorite recipes!

  • Chicken (or Tofu for vegetarians) Shawarma with Roasted Potatoes

  • Homemade Hummus

  • Tzatziki Sauce

  • A FABulous Dessert

Chicken Shawarma is traditionally made with boneless, skinless chicken thighs or breasts seasoned with a blend of spices, garlic and black pepper, and is then marinated in yogurt and lemon juice. At home, it is fried or roasted in the oven, then thinly sliced, served on a warm pita bread along with fresh toppings such as Tzatziki Sauce, Hummus, pickles, tomatoes and Roasted Potatoes.

These delightful recipes are sure to excite you and your family’s taste buds when you recreate them at home for years to come. As this is a Chef Night/Date Night, you are welcome to BYOB (please drink responsibly!)

This class is suitable for the following Dynamic Duo* types:

YES: Parent/Grandparent & Child

YES: Couples (live in the same household)

YES: Friends (you will share all equipment/ingredients for 1 recipe/batch…we let you rock, paper, scissors if the recipe doesn’t divide equally.)

*What is a Dynamic Duo? It’s basically two people sharing the same workstation at no extra charge. You share all equipment and ingredients for a single batch of whatever we’re making that day – don’t fret, it’s more than enough for dinner for two! (Don’t worry, if you want to fly solo, we won’t put you with some random stranger!)We provide all ingredients, supplies, and tools required for use during each class. Best of all you get to take home whatever tasty treats you make – we provide all boxes/packaging.

Please wear comfortable shoes (stools will be provided) and have long hair tied back. For the comfort of all our students and staff, we ask that you refrain from wearing perfume or cologne. You may wish to bring a cardigan or sweater as the kitchen is kept at 68F.