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We Love Arabs

We Love Arabs

Date(s) - 04/20/2023
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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Theatre Raymond Kabbaz


30.00-40.00 USD
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Theatre Raymond Kabbaz

Los Angeles, CA

A piece that brings together dance and theatre to explore space and coexistence. That might sound dry, but the piece reveals itself to be a brilliant and biting tour de force about Arab-Israeli sensibilities. Hillel Kogan acts the supposedly empathetic choreographer who must without fail create a duet with an Arab dancer – Mourad Bouayad – about the self and the other. Witty and completely politically incorrect, Kogan’s work goes straight to the heart of national and religious identities, clichés and prejudices. It feels like a comedy, leaving not even dearly held artistic attitudes unscathed. We Love Arabs offers us a demonstration, sometimes hilarious, sometimes provocative, of the ever-present power dynamics on stage, in the wings and beyond. A declaratory work on the beauty and complexity of the encounters with The Other, undoubtedly more powerful than many a peace treaty.

Text & choreography: Hillel Kogan

Dancers: Mourad Bouayad (French) and Hillel Kogan (Israeli)

Light: Amir Castro

Music: Kazem Alsaher, Mozart


Show starts at 8pm

Gates at 7pm for baguette sandwiches and cash bar

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