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"Five For Palestine" Campaign Launches in Michigan April 13th

posted on: Mar 30, 2008

The American Association for Palestinian Equal Rights Foundation, or AAPER Foundation will launch the Five For in Michigan on Sunday, April 13th (4:30pm) at the Ramallah Club of Detroit, 27484 Ann Arbor Trail, Westland MI 48185.

“In the coming months, we will be traveling around the country giving educational presentations about Palestine, seeking to educate and organize a highly diverse set of Americans on the issue of an equitable US policy toward Israel and Palestine” says Zachary Wales, Interim Director of AAPER.

The meeting scheduled for April 13th at the Ramallah Club of Detroit, will be among the first of such presentations. The constituencies, include, but are not limited to, Christians, Environmentalists, Hispanic Americans, African Americans, Native Americans, Labor, Educators, Veterans, Democrats and Republicans.

The goal of the presentations will be to (a) establish a core base of supporters within different cities and states across the country and (b) enlist supporters to join and expand participation in the Five for Palestine Campaign, which asks individuals to do five simple things:

1) Take 5 minutes to learn about the Campaign by visiting;

2) Take 5 minutes to sign up for the Campaign by signing up at;

3) Contact your Congressperson or Senators 5 times per year to inform them about the situation in Palestine;

4) Contribute $5 a month to the Campaign so that it can inform more Americans about the situation in Palestine; and

5) Recruit 5 family members, friends or colleagues to join the Campaign and give you 5 for Palestine by doing the exact same things, thereby expanding the number of Americans who support a balanced and equitable U.S. policy toward Israel and Palestine.

For more information contact:

Zachary Wales
Interim Director
American Association for Palestinian Equal Rights Foundation
1761 S Street, NW #10
Washington, DC 20009
Phone: (202) 683-8438
Fax: (202) 330-5110