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Gibran Kahlil Gibran Memorial Unveiled

posted on: Oct 10, 2014

A ceremony was held at the Lebanese Embassy in Washington, D.C. yesterday for a newly installed memorial dedicated to the late poet Gibran Khalil Gibran. The memorial will join others around the country in celebrating Gibran, including Copley Square in Boston and in Washington on Massachusetts Avenue.

In his writings, Gibran described his beloved birthplace of Lebanon as “a peaceful, majestic mountain seated between the sea and the fields like a poet between eternity and eternity.”

Remarks were given by the Ambassador of Lebanon, Ambassador Antoine Chedid. He stated, “Lebanon can’t be any prouder than tonight.”

The Ambassador thanked the Khalil Gibran Foundation for “their strong commitment, without their generosity the installment of this beautiful memorial would not have been possible”. He also thanked his friend Robert Andrews and his family for their generosity, Michael Baroody, President of the Khalil Gibran Foundation, Dr. Greg Gormanous, sculptor Mr. Gordon Kray, Sheryl Fiegel and her daughter Andrea, Tony and Michael Gabro, his family, and his embassy staff.

He stated, “It is gratifying and reassuring that in the years and decades ahead all kinds of people – from all walks of life and hailing from countries across the globe will enjoy the opportunity to share in Gibran’s presence as they enter this embassy.”

The Ambassador went on to express how the late poet affected the Lebanese Embassy, which once headed by Ambassador Charles Malek, leading author of the Declaration of Human Rights.

As Gibran and his work did in his lifetime, the memorial will continue to inspire not just Lebanese and Americans, but everybody, said Ambassador Chedid.

“As we who enter this Embassy gaze on Gibran’s visage, let us dedicate ourselves to advancing this inspiring vision, which is a treasure not only for Lebanese and Americans, but for all humanity.”

Haley Gerlofs
Arab America