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H.Y.P.E. Athletics launches Text-2-Give Campaign Raising Funds For Classrooms

posted on: Oct 30, 2011

H.Y.P.E. Athletics Community, a non-profit organization, is building a 104,000 sq. ft. recreation center, the Wayne County—H.Y.P.E. Recreation Center. The center is located on Warren Ave. east of Telegraph Rd. at 23302 W. Warren Ave., Dearborn Heights, MI 48127. H.Y.P.E. will share space with Zaman International, a non-profit humanitarian service focused organization. The scheduled grand opening is in early 2012.

The volunteers, employees and supporters of H.Y.P.E. have come together and are launching a Text-2-Give Campaign on November 1st. The goal is to raise $50,000 through the Text-2-Give process helping to raise funds for the new classrooms and library/resource room that will be in the recreation center. Supplies that need to be purchased include computers, books, desks, furniture and other classroom essentials. The project will benefit the youth of Metro Detroit and focus on helping under-privileged children.

By texting HYPE to 85944, you will make a one-time donation of $10 to the H.Y.P.E. recreation center. This will be charged to your future cell phone bill and you can text as many times as you’d like to help support and raise funds.

H.Y.P.E. will be partnering with local celebrities, media personalities and athletes to help raise the funds for this extremely important cause. Please follow H.Y.P.E. on twitter at @HYPEAthletics and the hashtag for our twitter campaign is #HYPEgives.

H.Y.P.E. is made up of two components: athletics and social services. Training camps, leagues and tournaments in various sports such as basketball, football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, and athletic development make up their athletic division. Their social services focus on free in-school and after-school programs, including tutoring, mentoring, counseling, substance abuse prevention, education and young professional entrepreneurial and leadership training.

H.Y.P.E. was formed in 2001 to assist in helping local communities organize drug-free, violent-free and diverse athletic events. Through training camps, tournaments and leagues in various sports, the organization promotes and educates youth to work with unity, teamwork, positive competition and physical fitness. H.Y.P.E. is committed to teaching values to harness youthful energy in a positive way to develop a new generation of energetic and committed Americans.

For more information, contact Maysaa Mackie at, Sherrie Handrinos at or H.Y.P.E. Athletics at (866)988-HYPE or (313)357-5458. You can also visit their website at to see what programs are available for the coming season.

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