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Iraq Minister of Industry and Minerals to Keynote U.S.-Arab Economic Forum in Washington D.C.

posted on: Apr 29, 2008

The American Middle East Economic Affairs Committee (AMEEAC) is proud to announce today that Iraq’s Minister of Industry and Minerals will be a special guest and keynote speaker at the third biennial U.S.-Arab Economic Forum in Washington, D.C. on May 7-9, at the Hilton Washington.
His Excellency Fawzi Al-Hariri will present on The Future for Iraq: Visions and Strategies panel on Friday, May 9th of the USAEF. He will discuss the relationship that exists between the economic and political stability in Iraq.

Al-Hariri was sworn in on May 20, 2006, months after being elected as a member of the Democratic Patriotic Alliance of Kurdistan. Al-Hariri, who is a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq has been quoted as saying “We will always be grateful to the Americans for overthrowing Saddam Hussein.” Al-Hariri will be bringing a delegation from Iraq that includes the Deputy Minister of Industry and Minerals, Sami Al-Araji.

“We are thrilled to welcome the Minister and his delegation from Iraq,” said Ahmad Chebbani, USAEF Chairman & CEO. “In order to truly move toward an inclusive global economy, it is imperative that Iraqi representatives are at the table to discuss their active participation in these efforts.”

The third biennial U.S.-Arab Economic Forum will focus on the theme of “Open Markets, Open Societies” and will bring leaders from the business community, political arena, civil society and higher education institutions together to address issues of mutual concern while facilitating economic growth and lasting partnerships. For years, the U.S.-Arab Economic Forum has given U.S. and Arab leaders the forum to highlight their commitment to a shared vision wherein diversity, tolerance, and the spirit of collaboration serve to create a better future for all.

“This is a unique opportunity to discuss the challenges faced by both regions,” said USAEF Chief Operating Officer Nasser Beydoun. “The U.S. is in a key position today to restore its diplomatic presence, and those from the Arab world are ready and willing to forge relationships, to enhance diplomacy and promote economic cooperation. As the COO, I am confident the Forum will explore global outreach opportunities and work toward a prosperous future.”

In addition to Regional Economic Stability and the Broader Picture, key topics to be addressed at this year’s Forum include: The Middle East Post Conflict: Policy Implications for the New Administration; Empowering Youth: The Youth Bulge and Employment Opportunities; The U.S.-Arab Energy Relationship and Global Wealth Reallocation: Bilateral Opportunities, Global Responsibilities and New Liquidity in the Middle East and, The Most Precious Resource: Water in the Middle East.

Other keynote speakers include: H.E. Amre Moussa, Secretary General, League of Arab States, Egypt; Dr. Craig Barrett, Chairman of the Board, Intel; and Mr. James M. Lambright, Chairman and President, Export-Import Bank of the United States, United States of America.

For more information and to register to attend this year’s event, visit the USAEF website at