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Lack of Accountability Encourages Israel to Continue Unlawful Killings

posted on: Apr 6, 2018

Lack of Accountability Encourages Israel to Continue Unlawful Killings

H.E. Dr. Husam Zomlot, the head of the PLO General Delegation to the United States, commenting on Israel’s unlawful shooting and killing of Palestinian civilians, including children on Friday (April 6, 2018) during the second week of peaceful protests in Palestine, amounting to over dozens of Palestinians unlawfully killed and hundreds of peaceful protesters indiscriminately shot by Israel since last Friday.

“Until the international community holds Israel accountable for its indiscriminate attacks and unlawful killings of peaceful protestors, the bloodshed will continue” he stated. “The culture of impunity for Israel must end now,” Dr. Zomlot said.

Zomlot further said that, “the continued killings of Palestinian civilians by Israel could have been avoided if the international community took action last week in the UN Security Council, including forming an international commission of inquiry to send a clear message to Israel that those who commit violations of international law will be brought to justice.”

Zomlot called for the international protection for the people of Palestine and for the full application of the international humanitarian law. “Palestinian lives are not an exception to the international law,” he stated.

He added that “Israel’s predetermined policy to unlawfully shoot and kill Palestinians that are engaging in their internationally enshrined right to peacefully protest exemplifies the urgency and necessity for the international community, including the United States, to hold Israel to its obligations under international law including the Fourth Geneva Convention.”

Zomlot concluded that “despite the continued attacks and human rights violations against the people of Palestine, we maintain our dignity and rights to continue our peaceful march towards peace and justice.”


Compiled by Arab America