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Meet the 5 Arab women featured in Nike's new campaign

posted on: Jul 17, 2017

By: Mariam Nabbout
Source: Stepfeed

Nike Women chose five Arab women to take part in their latest global female empowerment campaign, titled Believe in More.” 

According to Emirates Women, the campaign which showcases the brand’s “Chrome Blush collection,” was shot in Dubai.

In a statement about the new ads, Nike said the women featured  “come from completely different walks of life – be it yoga, art or fashion designing and styling.”

“The commonality that links them all together is that they are women pioneers in the fields they work in, they eat breathe and live the relentless pursuit of excellence and they’ve come together to inspire you to exceed your potential in body, mind, soul and style,” the statement added.

From inspiring athletes and yoga instructors to graphic designers, artists, and social media stars – here are the five Arab women featured in the latest campaign:

1. Yasmin Baker – UAE

Baker is a 25-year-old Emirati aerialist who was previously featured in Nike’s Arab women athlete campaign, released earlier this year.

Born in Washington DC, the inspiring athlete “developed a fascination with aerial yoga after attending a Cirque de Soleil show with her family at the age of eight.”

The sport is also known as “silk yoga” and according to Vogue, it took Baker two and a half years to master its disciplines.

In recent years, Baker not only succeeded in mastering the sport but is now also known as the first and only silk yoga instructor in Dubai.

2. Lana El Sahely – Lebanon

El Sahely is a Lebanese fashion blogger and stylist who was born and raised in Cameroon, Africa.

She is widely known as the founder of the fashion blog L’armoire de Lana.

Currently based in Lebanon, El Sahely is a social media star and influencer with thousands of followers on Instagram.

She often collaborates with high-end brands and fashion designers on various launches and campaigns.

3. Balqis Al Rashed – Saudi Arabia

Al Rashed is a Saudi artist and designer who studied graphic design in Beirut.

After moving back to Saudi in 2009, she worked for several private companies and also taught and lectured Design in local universities.

In 2010, Al Rashed became the co-founder of Qabila Apparel, a homegrown Khaleeji clothing line.

She continues to successfully create works of art that focus “on the creation of meanings, practices, and dichotomies in respect to the collective, identity, and the self.”

4. Karen Mattar – Lebanon


Mattar is a Lebanese yoga instructor based in Dubai.

After moving to the UAE in 2014 to pursue a corporate career as a brand analyst, she began to feel the need to be more active outside of work and started practicing various types of sports.

She later on developed a particular passion for yoga.

In an interview with Sun and Sand Sports blog, Mattar explained that in 2016, she took a one-month yoga teacher training course in India in order to deepen her understanding of the practice.

Soon after returning, she left the corporate world and decided to pursue her passion full-time.

Speaking of being part of Nike’s latest campaign, the yoga instructor said:

“I hope through this campaign women will be more aware of how important it is to know their potential and be the best that they can be. Whether it is in their fitness or yoga journey, their lifestyle, career, or their way of thinking – growth and change are inevitable. Stay true to who you are, uplift each other and believe in more.”

5. Taiba Al Nassar – Kuwait

Al Nassar is a rising social media star and a well-known blogger in Kuwait.

Her lifestyle/fashion blog, The Urban Analyst, often features the most unique trends in the world of fashion.

Earlier this year, Al Nassar was also selected to take part in Netflix MENA’s Ramadan Girl Boss campaign.