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Meet Omar Kamal, the "Palestinian Sinatra" from Nablus

posted on: Dec 2, 2016

BY: Nisreen Eadeh/Staff Writer

Omar Kamal was just dubbed the “Palestinian Sinatra” – and for good reason. In an interview with Middle East Monitor, Omar Kamal shared his journey from Nablus to Hollywood, where he recorded his first album.

Growing up in a musical family, Kamal spent much of his childhood playing the piano, singing songs with his siblings, and listening to music from around the world. With little to do while living under occupation, Kamal found joy and entertainment in music. Although music has been his lifelong passion, he left Palestine to study architectural engineering in the UK in 2010. While earning his degree, Kamal remained dedicated to his singing and led his university’s Big Band. Kamal’s robust, deep voice carries reveries of the iconic vocals of Frank Sinatra.

After returning home to Nablus in 2014, Sony Music Entertainment Middle East caught wind of the “Palestinian Sinatra” and offered him a record deal. For over a year, Kamal worked with Sony to produce his first album, which brought his new hit single “Love Never Felt So Good”. The song is a romantic variation of the Michael Jackson hit, and has been gaining attention from Palestinians, Arabs, and Sinatra lovers all over the world.

Kamal has been working with big-name music producers in America – a dream he never planned to have with a life under occupation. Now that he has found success, Kamal will be touring throughout Palestine during December, singing melodies in English and Arabic.

Omar Kamal’s single “Love Never Felt So Good” is available for purchase on iTunes.