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Meet Wegz, Egypt’s Trailblazing Rapper and Hip-Hop Artist

posted on: Aug 9, 2023

Meet Wegz, Egypt’s Trailblazing Rapper and Hip-Hop Artist

By: Salma Heram / Arab America Contributing Writer 

Egyptian superstar rapper Wegz has been leading the MENA trap, rap, and hip-hop scene for years now. Yet, he is still just getting started. Born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt, he released his debut track “T.N.T” in 2017. Quickly rising to fame first among his now immensely loyal Egyptian fanbase, then to the wider MENA region and beyond. Wegz, whose given name is Ahmed Ali, continues to break barriers –and records– on an international scale. Proudly representing Egypt while doing so.


Hailing from Alexandria, Egypt, Wegz is generally a private person. Tending not to open up too much about his personal life to the media. However, he chose to dabble in vulnerability a bit in a 2022 interview with Anas Buskhash, otherwise known as AB Talks. In it, he shares a bit about his early life, explaining that he grew up with financial issues. Often having only about 20 to 50 Egyptian pounds to spend a day. Translating to about 50 cents to 1 U.S. dollar today. He hinted at having a somewhat unstable family life. With six siblings from different marriages, although he is only close to his younger brother Khaled. Who now lives with him and often accompanies him on tours. While he had a rocky relationship with his father, he remains very close to his mother. Regarding her as the kindest and strongest person in the world. 

As a kid, his family had to move around a lot due to the nature of his father’s work. A circumstance he credits with developing his social, extroverted personality. As he had to learn how to quickly make friends at every new school. As for hobbies, like many young Egyptian boys he liked watching soccer, or football, although he didn’t play it. Instead, he gravitated towards reading and writing, which undoubtedly influenced his wide range and unmatched skill in his lyricism today. 

Breaking Barriers

While he debuted in 2017, Wegz explains that he has always had a love for music. Long being immersed in both the international and Egyptian music scene. Drawing his inspiration from a wide variety of artists. From Egyptian and Arab icons like Ahmed Adaweyah, Mohamed Mounir, Cheb Mami, and Dalida. To hip-hop legends such as Mobb Deep, Future, and Young Thug.

In his own lyrics and beats, Wegz is unafraid of working in a wide range of genres. Breaking barriers in Egyptian music and challenging the status quo. Unique characteristics of his that undoubtedly contributed to his exponential growth and international stardom. His ability to excel in a plethora of genres –including trap, rap, hip-hop, electro-shaabi, Afro-beats, and even pop music— is indicative of his rare skill. Which together result in his diverse audience from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, age groups, and music tastes. 

International Success 

The numbers don’t lie – in December of 2022, Wegz was named the most streamed Arab artist on Spotify, in the world, not just in the MENA region. But speaking of the MENA region, he has been the top streamed artist in Egypt for three consecutive years since 2020. He was also the second highest-streamed artist on the leading Arab music platform Anghami with 144 million streams. El-Bakht, his most popular song to date, was released in April of 2022 and topped several charts as the highest-streamed song in the Arab world. On Spotify, it has garnered over 30 million plays to date. While it now has over 58 million streams on Anghami. Far surpassing the record for the highest number of streams ever recorded in a single year on the platform. 

When asked about how he attained such unprecedented success, Wegz had several points of wisdom to bestow on his fans and audience. Ideas that reflected his righteous character in addition to his obvious talent. He often credits his success to his team. Saying that he surrounds himself with multi-talented individuals who share his goals and vision. He also attributes his international success to being flexible and pursuing himself out of his comfort zone. In order to reach more people and appeal to different audiences.

Wegz takes immense pride in representing Egypt on a global scale. Putting an emphasis on talking about the Egyptian experience in his lyrics. Including Egyptian cultural influences in his music and beats. Because he always keeps his Egyptian audience as a priority, since they are his “day-ones,” Wegz enjoys putting an Egyptian spin on international beats. Ensuring his music continues to speak to his Egyptian audience. “It’s a blessing to be an Egyptian rapper,” he admitted. Explaining that because most Egyptians already listen to international music, he is able to use popular international beats and add Egyptian undertones and influences with his personal touch and lived experiences. 

What the Future Holds

While so far Wegz has sung exclusively in Arabic with only a few English phrases scattered throughout his discography, he has said that he is open to writing in different languages. However, he is cautious about doing so. As he feels he doesn’t have the same strength or natural flow in other languages that he does in Arabic. He hinted at perhaps having a song split between Arabic and another language. As he feels he has a message for those that can’t speak Arabic. But still holds his Arab fanbase in high regard. Wanting to make sure all of his work is accessible to them.

As for his influence, Wegz has also emphasized that he is adamant about not promoting negative or harmful behavior. He is aware of his influence on his impressionable fanbase and takes this responsibility very seriously. As such, this has pushed him to be a better person and have more self-awareness in his actions and behavior. Taking care not to promote poor behavior as “cool.” 

But his likeability, influence, and success doesn’t stop there. He’s had dozens of shows across the globe. While many have been all over Egypt and the MENA region like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, he’s also had shows in London and Berlin. Perhaps his most significant performance was in Qatar. As he delivered his song “EZZ AL ARAB” during the 2022 FIFA World Cup Finals. A song he released that year as part of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Official Soundtrack.

Now in 2023, he’s set to go on tour this fall all over North America and Europe. Hitting Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Toronto, and Montreal. Wegz will also be visiting several U.S. cities, including NYC, DC, Tampa, Houston, and LA, some of which are already sold out! Not only does this indicate his popularity among an international audience, but also reflects his reach and impact on Arabs in the diaspora. Including Egyptian Americans and other Arab Americans. 

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