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Mo Amer Recalls Sitting Next to Eric Trump On Network Debut

posted on: Mar 6, 2017

BY: Julia Jahanpour/Contributing Writer

Palestinian American comedian Mo Amer made his debut performance on network television Friday night on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. During his stand-up routine, Amer talked about sitting next to Eric Trump on a plane ride back in December. He spoke to the younger Trump about the supposed Muslim registry, his father’s politics, and life as an American Muslim. Amer also took the time to talk about his Palestinian heritage, becoming an American, and growing up in Texas.

Sharing this experience through the means of comedy made a serious topic palatable to many Americans. A run-in with part of the Trump family could be difficult for someone with the first name Mohammad, but Mo makes the best of a six-and-a-half hour flight next to Eric.

For many Palestinians, Amer is creating necessary dialogue about their struggle and what immigrants are experiencing while coming to America. He turns challenging experiences into comedic, relatable material that still sends a strong message of unity.