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Moroccan Playlists You Should Add to Your Spotify Library

posted on: Apr 25, 2022

Photo: Spotify Logo

By: Nouha Elyazidi / Arab America Contributing Writer

Moroccans have been taking the music world by storm! Moroccan music is very diverse, you can find everything from traditional Chaabi music which is usually played at special events such as weddings, to beautifully written love songs, to urban rap that is becoming very popular among the Arab youth. Here is a list of Moroccan playlists you should add to your Spotify playlist!

Morocco Sounds by Spotify

This playlist made by Spotify incorporates a great range of Moroccan music. This playlist is regularly updated to feature the most popular hits in Morocco. All of the songs Spotify features are popular songs that have been climbing the charts in recent weeks. This playlist is highly recommended for keeping up with the latest Moroccan tunes.

Moroccovibez by mo072

Moroccans are known for their variety of traditional dances lively culture. If you want to hear some music that is sure to make your dance, check out Moroccovibez by mo072. This playlist of over 360 upbeats songs that are perfect for dancing and having a good time. There is a diverse range of music from Rai music to chaabi, from all regions of Morocco. Be sure to add this to your Spotify library for any sort of wedding or fun event!

MOROCCO HITS by Naoufal Hasseb

This playlist features the most popular Moroccan songs from some of the most famous Moroccan artists. This playlist is a perfect starting point for those interested in learning about Moroccan music because it features so many of the greatest hits. Here you will find songs from Zouhair Bahaoui, Douzi, Hatim Ammour, Aymane Serhani, and many many more!


If you are interested in listening to the Moroccan classics, this would be the best playlist to listen to. This playlist features popular Moroccan music from as early as the 1950s to the early 2000s. Many classic Moroccan songs are written in a poetic way, a great tool to use if you are interested in improving your Arabic skills. This playlist features 360+ songs and has a listening time of over 24 hours. The reason the listening time is so long is that older Arabic songs were usually more than 10 minutes long!

The Sound of Moroccan Pop

If you are looking for prime Moroccan pop music, this playlist is a must. Moroccan pop has been very popular in the past two decades and has taken over the charts across the Arab world. This playlist has over 450+ songs and is regularly updated with the largest hists from a variety of artists. On this playlist, you can find the upbeat/raps songs of Manal, the love songs of Hind Ziadi, and the traditional songs of the group of Nass El Ghiwane.

Gnawa Music

Gnawa is a style of music native to the Gnawa population, people originating from the South of Morocco and parts of West Africa. Gnawa music a very popular in Morocco because of the Gnawa ethnic group. This Spotify playlist features a variety of Gnawa music, with older songs, as well more modern style Gnawa music. You should definitely listen to this playlist to learn about the Gnawa people and the ethnic diversity of North Africa.

The Sound of Moroccan Traditional

If you are looking for a compilation of the traditional sounds of Morroco, this playlist made by The Sounds of Spotify is an auditory experience of a plethora of Moroccan music such as Gnawa, Rai, Chaabi, Arabic, and Amazigh music. There are so many forms of traditional songs that are demonstrated within this playlist. To learn more and listen to the diversity of ethnic groups in Morocco I would suggest listening to this playlist. There are many languages within this music and the majority of them have meaningful lyrics that discuss topics such as culture, love, tradition, political criticism, and many more.

All of these playlists demonstrate the diversity of Moroccan music. There is so much to explore within these playlists. Take the opportunity to acquaint yourself with new Moroccan music, different cultural music, and artists! Enjoy your listening!

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