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Sponsored Post: GG Poker - WSOP in Ontario, Led by Daniel Negreanu

posted on: Apr 24, 2022

The news has been bouncing around all poker media channels: NSUS Limited has received an online gaming license for Ontario, Canada – the most populous and wealthy area in the entire country. The domain received is causing a stir as it is 

The conclusion seems logical: this is the first time that the WSOP has abandoned its old long-time partner and jumped into the arms of its competitor, GGPoker. But after the Canadian ban on the .com websites, the .ca was the only way to go.

A move that has left insiders stunned

The most interesting thing is that the license issued to NSUS only covers the WSOP domain. Therefore, it is clear that it intends to focus on the marketing of this brand and not its own. We should also mention that the Canadian gaming authority, the AGCO, has issued six different licences – and the licensees are planning to start working in the country next month if everything is ready.

WSOP will then be one of the two operators competing for the Canadian market, which at least initially will be kept “reserved” for Ontarians only. This is because AGCO is exploring all possibilities to open the market to cross-border payments but still has to investigate the issues related to applying tax rates. So until they have made a decision, everything will remain frozen.

Was it written on the (poker) stars?

As a note, Daniel Negreanu is the best-known ambassador of – and the “Good Game” organization, one of the most renowned in the world for the quality of its poker rooms and the prizes offered, has struck gold with this new adventure. Daniel, winner of 6 WSOP bracelets, is of Romanian origin but he is Canadian, as he was born in Toronto, Ontario. So, it seems that the relationship between the three was written in the stars well before what is happening in 2022.  

What is certain is that GGPoker is moving very fast, shifting its international centre of gravity to focus on the most interesting area of the world from an online gambling point of view, i.e. the US, and this big hit in Canada only reinforces the ambitions of the giant.

What awaits Canadian players now?

Needless to say, the WSOP has organised itself well to cater for local players, who have run out of money since the dot com sites were shut down and are expecting great things from the new poker room, which incorporates next-generation GGPoker software.

In addition to a rich and extensive bonus series, players will have several dedicated tournaments available for exclusive access. Existing GGPoker players will be able to connect to the new site and automatically transfer their accounts with the installation of a software patch. 

Also, the icing on the cake. Canadian players will automatically be eligible for the Caesar’s Rewards programme, which offers discounts, promotions and opportunities at all accommodation, entertainment and dining venues within the Caesars network, including many dedicated sports initiatives.

Negreanu’s assessment of the deal

Negreanu, for his part, is thrilled with the news and has publicly stated that he looks forward to meeting Canadian players in the poker room, saying that he will personally insist on offering the most to his compatriots in terms of WSOP tournaments and opportunities. In an interview he said that it’s great to know that North America’s two biggest online poker brands will be working together to give their Canadian friends an unforgettable gaming experience. There will also be exclusive WSOP prizes and tournaments running on the incredible GGPoker app.

Well, Daniel, we believe you. And we hope that the AGCO will be able to unlock the access limits as soon as possible so that everyone can enjoy such an exclusive experience!

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