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On March 21st, Mothers are Celebrated in the Arab World

posted on: Mar 20, 2019

The Arab World is celebrating Mother’s Day this week. From Cairo to Dubai, mothers are being appreciated for their hard work in raising children and supporting their families. Much like in the United States, mothers in the Arab World are shown appreciation from their children and other family members through gifts, dance, and other fun activities.

Tomorrow’s Mother’s Day marks the 63rd year that Arabs have been celebrating the holiday. It’s a major holiday, introduced for the first time by the Egyptian journalist Mustafa Amin in 1943. It only was accepted in 1956 and promoted widely in the ’50s and has been replicated in many other Arab countries since then. They celebrate Mother’s Day every year on March 21–the first day of spring–to symbolize rejuvenation, beauty, and happiness and a symbol of how generously most Arabs around the world show their gratitude to the women who raised them.

Tomorrow, People of the Arab World will recognize the immense struggles that mothers must endure to give their children the best lives possible. The holiday is only increasing in popularity, especially during times of conflict when positive days like these can uplift an entire family.

Take some time out of your day tomorrow to tell Arab mothers how much you love and appreciate them.

From everyone at Arab America, we wish all Arab mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!


Compiled by Arab America