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Motivation to Study Arabic in American College

posted on: Jul 20, 2022

The process that originates, directs, and sustains activities that are goal-oriented is what we refer to as motivation. It is what encourages you to take some kind of action. It can be to drink water to quench your thirst or read a book in Arabic.

Motivation is the collection of biological, emotional, social, and cognitive elements, among others, that trigger behavior. We use the word “motivation” while attempting to explain the reasons for a person’s actions in regular conversation.

Motivation seems to be a non-tangible and abstract feeling. However, it is powerful enough to uplift you from misery to the height of prosperity.  You can read more about this psychological phenomenon in mental health argumentative essay examples provided by professional writers at special services. From there, you will find out that motivation seems to affect different spheres of your life. It tends to exert an irreversible effect that paves the way for your success. However, experts regard it as an impactful force behind getting an education and learning.

Having the desire to achieve anything is necessary, but it is not sufficient on its own. This is something that should be obvious to everyone who has ever attempted to achieve a goal, whether it be to learn a new language or to run a marathon.

Motivation doesn’t make students smarter, it gives them determination. The urge to discover the solution to a question or to grasp a topic drives their thinking to higher levels. It enables them to reflect on the underlying causes or frameworks of previously taught material. Hence, it increases their ability to apply previously acquired knowledge in novel contexts.

Motivation to study Arabic

Language is a part of life without which it would become impossible to live in this world. There are over 7000 languages spoken around the globe. It is an essential medium of communication and interaction with other individuals.

Multiple pieces of research reveal various reasons for comprehending new languages. There is a significant change in patterns of knowing foreign tongues. Let’s discuss why Americans may pick Arabic as their second language.

High Demand for Arabic Study

If you speak Arabic fluently, you will be in high demand for great jobs and career opportunities. Not surprisingly, Arabic is the primary language of business in many developed countries all over the world. Having advanced Arabic skills on your resume can push your CV to the top of the pile. Today, Arabic is an invaluable skill for any ambitious job seeker.


Did you know that Arabic is the official language of over 20 countries? What’s more, it has about 300 million native speakers. which is really a lot! It’s important to note that some of those Arabic-speaking countries have grown very rapidly in terms of their economics. According to some estimates, the Arab world has a combined GDP of $2.5 trillion, isn’t it impressive?


Individuals that are interested in different religions also pick Arabic in American colleges. Why? Because it’s impossible to truly understand Islam without speaking Arabic. As you might know, language and religion are intimately linked together. One cannot be properly understood without the other. So learning Arabic is obviously a gateway into knowing such a complex religion as Islam.


History fans also could benefit from studying Arabic in an American college. Professors say that this language has fascinating ancient origins. By knowing Arabic, one can access a whole new world with rich history. It would be easier to learn about the foundations of another civilization existing long ago. You can even research some old scripts written in their original language.


Delving deeper into the culture and traditions of Arab countries also becomes possible if you know this language. Learning Arabic will provide you greater access to the nuances and intricacies of Arab culture. You will also avoid misinterpreting and misunderstanding it because of your western origin. Just imagine reading The One Thousand and One Nights or the poems of Ahmad Shawqi in their original versions, isn’t it great?

Final Thoughts on Arabic Study

Language is an integral part of life that plays a vital role in personal development. Understanding multiple foreign vocabularies increases intelligence and analytical skills, especially among students. When it comes to motivation for learning Arabic, there are multiple benefits that students can get.

First of all, this language is in high demand in the professional world, which ensures better chances for a successful career. Secondly, the language is very widespread all over the world. Secondly, it provides a greater understanding of Islam and Arabic culture. And last but not least, it helps to delve deeper into the history. Hopefully, this article has boosted your motivation to learn Arabic.

Please note that this post was written by an author not employed by Arab America and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arab America or its employees. These posts help allow Arab America to produce our wonderful original content, thanks for your understanding.

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Author’s BIO

Clifford Cullen is an academic expert and private tutor. He helps students achieve their learning goals more efficiently and teaches the Arabic language. Clifford believes that speaking Arabic can hugely benefit young people in terms of their career.