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New Book "Kissing from a Distance," Documents the Arab American Story

posted on: Oct 2, 2008


Kisses from a Distance is a riveting true story portraying the Lebanese immigrant experience. It begins with the kidnapping of the author’s grand- mother from a remote convent in 1895, and explores difficulties that culminate in her husband’s tragic attempt to find success in America.

The author explains how the oppressive rule of the
Ottoman Empire, the ravages of the First World War, and natural disasters take their toll on the vulnerable people of Lebanon.

Employing traditional Lebanese proverbs and folk tales, Kisses from a Distance also weaves the
author’s extensive research and visits to Lebanon into the narrative. This journey, so worthwhile for
him, will reward the reader as well.

The author Raff Ellis, a prolific writer of short stories,
essays, and magazine articles, is a former business executive now living in Florida. Ellis delved deeply into family archives to create Kisses from a Distance, his first book.

Ellis will receive a Book Award at the Arab American Museum on November 1st.

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