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November 29th is World Solidarity for the Rights and Freedom of the Palestinians

posted on: Nov 28, 2018

November 29th is World Solidarity for the Rights and Freedom of the Palestinians

By: Leila Diab/Arab America Ambassador Blogger

In 1977, the General Assembly called for the annual observance of 29 November as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (resolution 32/40 B). On that day, November 29,1947, the Assembly adopted the resolution on the partition of Palestine (resolution 181 (II))

November 29th is World Solidarity for the Rights and Freedom of the Palestinians

On November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly voted in favor of a resolution, which adopted the plan for the partition of Palestine, recommended by the majority of the UN Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP). 33 states voted in favor of the resolution and 13 against. 10 states abstained.

“The decades-long Palestinian struggle for self-determination, independence, and a life of dignity faces numerous obstacles, including continued military occupation of Palestinian territory; ongoing violence and incitement; continued settlement construction and expansion; deep uncertainties about the peace process; and deteriorating humanitarian and economic conditions, particularly in Gaza.”

-United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres

November 29, a United Nations’ decades’ old declaration proclaimed due recognition and respect for the solidarity rights and freedoms of Palestinians. However, after years of debilitating unresolved actions, it has had brazen and insecure consequences only to add to the flames of human suffering and despair of Palestinian life.   Albeit, in this day and age in the 21st century, notwithstanding, the unending level of all undeclared and declared wars by Israel against innocent human beings, especially the defenseless  Palestinians, it is a day of solidarity as the  world community extends their mutual voices, moral actions of support, hope, and hands of peace to  resolve the dire hardships of famine, medical care, and family life of women, men, and children.

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People 29 November

The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People is observed by the United Nations on or around 29 November each year, in accordance with General Assembly mandates contained in resolutions 32/40 B of 2 December 1977, 34/65 D of 12 December 1979, and subsequent resolutions adopted under agenda item.

With massive economic, social, and civil society falling prey to human and property destruction in 90 percent of regions of the world, the international day of solidarity with the Palestinian people is a time to commemorate their courage and steadfast resistance to despotic, racist and totalitarian regimes.

Resistance? Palestinians today and every day of the year continue to stand up and use nonviolent protests against the Israeli military government occupation of their homeland, Palestine, with no evidence of their right to return home. World leaders and the United Nations assembly is encouraged now to exercise and implement all UN principals to restore universal human rights. And many people in this world of conscience ask, isn’t that how world peace and justice prevail?

This November 29th is a time for the world community to be a powerful beacon of human healing and save humanity with peace and justice long overdue. This powerful spotlight on the United Nations mission in the world needs to vehemently ostracize and hold accountable the country of Israel and other countries who have exacerbated their use of targeted drone killings of their leaders with weapons of mass destruction and the civilian population,  the professional medical doctors and care workers who try to heal the wounded, and save the lives of Palestinians who want equal justice and freedom of democracy to survive a better future for their children and family.

Let November 29th not only be a day of solidarity with the Palestinian people but a day in which the world community, world leaders and the United Nations declare and usher in the Palestinians right to justice and freedom.

Human rights activists, people of world conscientiousness praise and commemorate with honor and pride all the Palestinian leaders and martyrs whose courageous struggles and sacrifices with their hearts, intellect, and souls to return home to save the lives of the future of their families.  November 29th is a day that many people salute, realize and hope with deep conviction that it’s time to end the suffering of Palestinians as a precursor to ending all human suffering in this world.

Let us all echo our voices and stand in faithful enduring solidary with Palestinians on the road to their preservation of life celebrations and recognition of their decades’ long cultural heritage and right to exist.  Palestinians will never forget their homeland and will never disappear.