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On Tragic Anniversary, AAI Demands Action on Hate Crime

posted on: Aug 12, 2019

On Tragic Anniversary, AAI Demands Action on Hate Crime

On the anniversary of the 2016 murder of Khalid Jabara in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the 2017 murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Virginia, Arab American Institute Executive Director Maya Berry issued the following statement:

“August 12 is a day indelibly seared in our memories. In 2016, Khalid Jabara was murdered on his front porch by a neighbor with a long history of hate speech, intimidation and violence directed towards the Jabara family. One year later, the world was aghast as the grounds of the University of Virginia and the streets of Charlottesville were gripped by hate, and Heather Heyer was murdered while peacefully taking a stand against it.

Today, August 12, 2019, AAI is humbled to work with the families of Khalid and Heather in support of improved hate crime data collection and a more effective response to hate crime in our communities.

We need members of Congress to understand that hate can’t wait. Alongside these brave families and a broad coalition of civil rights organizations, we urge Congress to pass the Jabara-Heyer NO HATE Act.”


Compiled by Arab America