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Oum Brings Moroccan Music to a New Horizon

posted on: Oct 17, 2019

Oum Brings Moroccan Music to a New Horizon


Moroccan artist Oum was invited to the Rio Loco festival in Toulouse, southwestern France, to present her third album Daba. RFI’s SessionLab met her.

Released in August, Oum’s new album Daba was conceived in Casablanca, recorded in Berlin and designed in Paris.


Daba means “Now “in Moroccan dialect.

“I came to realise that the present is nothing more or less than a transition. So the idea of being present in the “now” is not a task for a superhero. It’s just learning to pay a little more attention,” Oum tells RFI’s SessionLab.

Considered to be ‘the ambassador of Moroccan music’, she explains:

“I’m not sure I deserve to be called an ambassador. I just enjoy making music, and learning who I am in that way. And, of course, I’m Moroccan.”

SessionLab is mixed in 3D Audio.