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President of the United States Joe Biden Issues Historic Proclamation Recognizing National Arab American Heritage Month--April 2023

posted on: Mar 31, 2023

President of the United States Joe Biden Recognizes National Arab American Heritage Month--April 2022


WASHINGTON DC (March 31, 2023) Today, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, issued a historic proclamation recognizing National Arab American Heritage Month (NAAHM) for the month of April 2023.

“This month, we join together to celebrate the immeasurable contributions of Arab Americans to our Nation and recommit ourselves to the timeless work of making sure that all people have the opportunity to achieve the American Dream, ” said Biden.

He also stated, “Today, the achievements of Arab Americans are reflected in the arts and sciences; in businesses and faith communities; in classrooms and hospitals; and in police stations, firehouses, and every branch of the military.  Arab Americans are also proudly serving throughout my Administration, bringing a diversity of expertise that helps make this country stronger, more prosperous, and more just.”

Warren David, president of Arab America and co-founder of the Arab America Foundation said, “President Biden’s proclamation designating April 2023 as National Arab American Heritage Month is a historic moment and a tribute to the contributions of Arab Americans, who have been an integral part of this nation for almost 150 years. David further expressed his delight in seeing, “Arab Americans being officially recognized for their contributions and thanked the administration for honoring the community with this tribute.”

A copy of President Biden’s historic proclamation is here:

During the month of April, the Arab America Foundation formally recognizes the achievements of Arab Americans through the celebration of National Arab American Heritage Month (NAAHM). Across the country, cultural institutions, school districts, municipalities, state legislatures, public servants, and non-profit organizations issue proclamations and engage in special events that celebrate our community’s rich heritage and numerous contributions to society.

Arab America and the Arab America Foundation launched the National Arab American Heritage Month initiative in 2017, with just a handful of states recognizing the initiative. Each year, our grass-roots network of over 250 Arab American volunteers in 28 states gathers hundreds of proclamations from their states, counties, municipalities, and local school districts.

This year there are several states where Arab Americans are seeking permanent legislation designating April as National Arab American Heritage Month. The following states have passed permanent legislation designating the month of April as NAAHM: IllinoisOregonVirginia; and Indiana (Senate).  Currently, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Indiana are pursuing legislation.

April 26th Event in Washington DC

On Wednesday, April 26, 2023, at Amazon Headquarters, the Arab America Foundation will host a commemorative event entitled, National Arab American Heritage Month Commemoration 2023. The event aims to honor the remarkable contributions made by Arab Americans and will be attended by public officials, community leaders, and other distinguished guests. In addition to celebrating the rich and diverse Arab heritage and culture, attendees will enjoy cultural performances such as music, dance, art, and authentic Arab cuisine.

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About the Arab America Foundation

The Arab America Foundation ( is a non-profit educational and cultural organization that promotes Arab heritage in the U.S., educates Americans about Arab heritage and identity, and connects and empowers Arab Americans.


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