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130 Proclamations, Resolutions, and Statements Issued in Commemoration of National Arab American Heritage Month-April 2021

posted on: Mar 30, 2021

The following proclamations and resolutions have been issued in commemoration of National Arab American Heritage Month for April 2021. Arab America Foundation salutes over two-hundred-fifty Arab Americans on twenty-four state teams who have approached governors, state officials, mayors, and county executives across the country.

For media inquiries, contact: or call: 877-272-2944

Proclamations, Resolutions, and Statements to Date:

45 States/130 Proclamations, Resolutions, and Statements

37 State Governors

President of the United States


Congress of the United States


1. Arizona

Arizona Governor

2. Arkansas

Arkansas Governor

3. California

California Senate Resolution

Los Angeles, California, City Mayor/City Council


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Anaheim, California

Fullerton, California

Iyad Afalqa on behalf of the Arab American Civic Council receiving the Arab American Heritage Month proclamation from the City of Fullerton

Orange County, California

Receiving Orange County proclamation, from L-R–Hanin Sharif, Rashad Al-Dabbaugh, OC Supervisor Doug Chaffee, and Raed Ghantous

Orange County Public Schools

Rancho Cucamonga, California

San Francisco, Mayor

San Diego, California, City Council

Tustin, California

4. Colorado

Colorado Governor

5. Connecticut

Connecticut Governor

6. Delaware

Delaware Governor


7. District of Columbia

Washington DC

National Education Association

8. Florida

Altamonte Springs, Florida

Gainesville, Florida

Orlando, Florida, Mayor

9. Georgia

Georgia Governor


Georgia Senate

Georgia House of Representatives

Georgia, Senator

Atlanta, Georgia, City Council

Snellville, Georgia, Mayor

From Left, Joey Sabbagh, Samer Sabbagh (Mike’s Sons), Mike Sabbagh, Snellville Mayor, Barbara Bender, Wally Yazbek

10. Hawaii

11. Idaho

Idaho Governor

12. Illinois

Illinois Governor

State of Illinois Arab American Heritage Month Act

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Chicago, Illinois, Mayor

Illinois, Congresswoman Newman

Kendall County, Illinois, Board

Kendall County, Illinois, Democratic Party

Oswego, Illinois


Cook County Treasurer, Illinois

13. Indiana

Bloomington, Indiana, Mayor


14. Iowa

Iowa City, Iowa, Mayor

15. Kansas

Kansas Governor

16. Kentucky

Kentucky Governor

17. Louisiana

Louisiana Governor

18. Maine

Maine, Portland Maine, Mayor, and City Council

19. Maryland

Maryland Governor

Baltimore, Maryland, Mayor

Arab America’s Ibrahim Hamideh receives proclamation from the City of Baltimore

Montgomery County Public Schools

20. Massachusetts

Massachusetts Governor

Malden, Massachusetts, Mayor

Revere, Massachusetts, Mayor


21. Michigan

Michigan Governor

Detroit, Michigan, Mayor

Detroit Public Schools

Wayne County, Michigan

Macomb County, Michigan

Arab America team member Renée Ahee receives Clinton Township proclamation from trustee Joie West

Michigan, State Senator

Ann Arbor, Michigan Mayor

Canton, Michigan, Board of Trustees


Dearborn, Michigan Mayor

Dearborn Schools

Dearborn Heights, Michigan Mayor

Flint, Michigan, Mayor

Livonia, Michigan, Mayor

Rochester Hills, Michigan Mayor

22. Missouri

Missouri Governor


23. Montana

Montana Governor

24. Nebraska

Nebraska Governor

Omaha, Nebraska

25. Nevada

Nevada Governor


26. New Hampshire

New Hampshire Governor

27. New Jersey

New Jersey Governor

New Jersey, Senator Booker

Clifton, New Jersey, Mayor, City Council

Jersey City, New Jersey, Mayor

Prospect Park, New Jersey, Mayor, City Council

Arab America’s Warren and Amal David accept a proclamation from the Mayor and City Council of Prospect Park, New Jersey.

28. New York

New York Senate, Majority Leader

New York State Senate 37th District

Yonkers, New York, Mayor

Yonkers, New York, City Council

New York, Council Member 14th District

Westchester County, New York

29. North Carolina

North Carolina Governor

Raleigh, North Carolina, Mayor

30. North Dakota

North Dakota Governor

31. Ohio

Ohio Governor

Ohio House of Representatives

Ohio Secretary of State

Cuyahoga County, Ohio, County Executive

Proclamation with Cuyahoga county executive Armond Budish, presented to Pierre Bejjani and facilitated by Awatef Assad

Cleveland, Ohio, Mayor

Cleveland City Council

On the steps of City Hall with Cleveland City Councilman Tony Brancatelli

Brooklyn, Ohio

Pierre Bejjani with the Mayor of Brooklyn, Katie Gallagher

Englewood, Ohio

Lakewood, Ohio, City Council President

Proclamation from Lakewood City Council President Daniel O’Mally (L) presented to Awatef Assad and Pierre Bejjani

Middleburg Heights, Ohio

Proclamation from Mayor Matthew Castelli of the City of Middleburg Heights.

Montgomery County, Ohio

Parma, Ohio

Proclamation with Mayor Tim Degeeter of Parma

Seven Hills, Ohio. Mayor

Pierre Bejjani with the Mayor of Seven Hills, Tony Biasiotta

Toledo, Ohio, Mayor

Arab America Foundation board member, Linda Mansour receives a proclamation from the Mayor of Toledo, Ohio, Wade Kapszukiewicz

Westlake, Ohio, Mayor

Westlake, Ohio Mayor Dennis Clough presents a proclamation in recognition of National Arab American Heritage Month to Pierre Bejjani of Arab America Foundation and CAMEO.

32. Oklahoma

Norman, Oklahoma

33. Oregon

Oregon Governor

Portland, Oregon

34. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Governor

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


35. Rhode Island

Rhode Island Governor

Rhode Island House

Central Falls, Rhode Island, Mayor

Cranston, Rhode Island

East Providence, Rhode Island, Mayor

Johnston, Rhode Island

Lincoln, Rhode Island, Mayor

Newport, Rhode Island, Mayor

North Providence, Rhode Island, Mayor

Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Mayor

Warwick Rhode Island, Mayor

36. South Carolina

South Carolina Governor

37. South Dakota

South Dakota Governor

38. Texas

Texas Governor

Dallas, Texas, Mayor


39. Utah

Utah Governor

40. Vermont

Vermont Governor

41. Virginia

Virginia Governor

Alexandria, Virginia

Fairfax, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia, Mayor

42. Washington

Washington Governor

43. West Virginia

West Virginia Governor

44. Wisconsin

Wisconsin Governor

Madison, Wisconsin, Mayor

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

45. Wyoming

Wyoming Governor



Compiled by Arab America


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