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Top 10 Arabian Dishes for the Summer

posted on: Mar 30, 2021


By: Nana Osei/ Arab America Contributing Editor

Arabian food is some of the most delicious and diverse food on earth. Also, there is even food for events and seasons. I’ll be giving you the top ten Arabian dishes to indulge in this summer. These are not in any particular order as they are all amazing. So please enjoy it!

10. Lavosh

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Lavosh is great as it can be paired with almost any dish or even just as a fun snack. It is a type of flatbread that is very soft in texture and thin. When you’re looking to make soup Lavos can be dipped inside which makes it extra tasty! This is a great appetizer for a summer picnic also! Recipe

9. Kafta

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This is a dish originating from Lebanon. It is a type of kebab that is perfect for summer barbecues. Kafta is pretty simple to make. It is essentially ground beef mixed with other vegetables such as onions, then spices with to be added such as parsley. Introduce this dish to your summer events!


8. Booza

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Booza is a type of Lebanese ice cream that is extremely stretchy and soft like Laffy Taffy! It’s not only fun to mess with but tasty too. It uses most of the basic ingredients of ice cream except it contains salep and mastic. These ingredients are what make it stretch. Bring this to the beach or a picnic cause we all know this summer gonna get even hotter!


7. Chicken Kabsa

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Chicken Kabsa is a meat and rice dish that originates from Saudi Arabia. It is even considered its national dish! The rice is usual basmati while the meat is usually a variant of chicken. There are nuts and raisins spread on top with a variety of spices, such as cardamom powder. This dish is delicious for dinner and is very fulfilling.


6. Fattoush

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For those of you trying to eat healthier or lose weight this summer Fattoush is the dish for you! It is a Lebanese salad with a multitude of diced vegetables from cucumbers to lettuce. Toasted Pita chips are also added which sounds yummy! Also, it is entirely vegan so this is a great dish for any vegetarian this summer.


5. Manakish

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Manakish is a breakfast dish originating from Lebanon. It is a flatbread topped with cheese, tomatoes, Za’atar, and other ingredients. What I like about Manakish is that it is very customizable so make it how you like it! This is a hearty dish to eat on a summer morning and start your day with.


4. Om Ali

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Om Ali is a tasty Egyptian Dessert. It is a mixture of puff pastry, a variety of nuts of your choosing, and milk. It tastes like a kind of pudding, however, it is sprinkled with cinnamon to give it an extra kick.


3. Falafel

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Falafel is an extremely popular Middle Eastern dish, I can be made as a snack or an appetizer to the main meal. Falafels are deep fried balls made with chickpeas or garbanzo beans. This is another entirely vegetarian this also!


2. Sharwama

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Sharwama is a type of middle eastern meat preparation. It has been prepared since the 19th century. It is usually used in gyros or served in itself. The type of meat used can be of various types from lamb, beef, chicken, and turkey. It’s great to add for a summer barbecue!.


1. Hummus

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This is an Arabian dish that I’m sure you’ve all heard about! Hummus is a dish popular all over the world, but that doesn’t change how good it is. It’s cooked and mashed with chickpeas and mixed with a variety of oil and spices.


I hope you enjoy making any one of these dishes this summer!


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