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Sudan's Power-Sharing Deal Praised by Arab Countries

posted on: Jul 6, 2019

Sudan's Power-Sharing Deal Praised by Arab Countries


CAIRO – 6 July 2019: The power-sharing agreement reached between the military junta and the opposition alliance in Sudan has been largely hailed by Arab countries, who saw it as an important step to end months of conflict and deadly clashes.

The deal, which Arab leaders believed will enable Sudan to restore its key role at the Arab, African and international levels, agrees on establishing a sovereign council with a rotating military and civilian presidency for a period of three years. The military will take lead for the first 21 months, according to the agreement reached under the supervision of the African Union and Ethiopian mediators.

Both sides further agreed to carry out thorough and transparent investigation into the incidents that took place in the country during the conflict.

Egyptian Foreign Ministry welcomed the formation of a sovereign council in Sudan, and assured its commitment to support the Sudanese people to overcome the current stage.

President of the Arab Parliament Mishaal bin Fahm Al Salmi welcomed Sudan’s power-sharing agreement and said the Arab Parliament stands with Sudan in its efforts to pass through the current critical phase to fulfill its people’s aspirations and achieve stability and security.

Bahrain Kingdom said the deal is a major step to achieve the Sudanese people’s aspirations and maintain the strength of the country’s institutions, Bahrain News Agency reported.

Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Abul Gheit voiced his confidence in both sides’ ability to smoothly go along the path of democratic transition process and ensure the country’s safety.