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Super Greenland Market Donates 1,000 Pieces of Assorted Fruits to Dearborn Rotary for Distribution by the Salvation Army

posted on: Jan 21, 2008

DEARBORN, Mich. (January 21, 2008) – Eighteen Rotarians, including their guests, gathered in the kitchen of Christ Episcopal Church in Dearborn on a recent Saturday morning to assemble nearly 1,500 lunches to be distributed by the Salvation Army.

The lunches were part of a “Bed and Bread” program that is conducted daily to reach hundreds of hungry people throughout the Detroit Metro area.

Bob Ziolkowski, second vice president of the Dearborn Rotary Club, helped organize the local event with Rotarian Deanne Baker. It is one of several service projects that the Club conducts throughout the year.

The Dearborn Rotary Foundation helped provide funds to purchase the lunch items. However, the Club also acknowledged the generous donation of 1,000 pieces of fresh fruit from Jamal Koussan, owner of the Super Greenland Market, located at the corner of West Warren Avenue and Miller Road in Dearborn.

“To receive 1,000 pieces of fresh apples, oranges and bananas makes such a meaningful difference to the Salvation Army’s effort to feed the hungry,” said Ziolkowski. “Mr. Koussan has already offered to help us again when our club repeats the effort in March and June.”

The Dearborn Rotary Club has a goal of making a total of 5,000 sandwiches during the three events.

Ziolkowski described some friendly competition among Rotarians during the three hours it took to assemble the lunches. He said, “One group assembled meat and cheese sandwiches, while the other bagged fruit and cookies. We all had fun and probably used different muscles than we’re used to.”

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Photo Caption: Jamal Koussan, owner of the Super Greenland Market in Dearborn, presents Bob Ziolkowski, second vice president of the Dearborn Rotary Club, with fresh fruit for the Club’s Salvation Army lunch project.