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Our Legacy Is Your Future

We are waging a public relations war against ignorance and bigotry.

If you’re as sick as we are of our kids being bullied at school, or being told to “go back to your country,” or people being afraid because you’re speaking Arabic, or Congressmen proposing to take away our rights—then join us!

Help us to take back our narrative by producing content (articles, videos, interviews, and events) that shifts away from the negative and truly educates Americans about our community, culture, beliefs, and diversity.

Arab America is committed to maintaining our platform as a news, events, and culture resource for millions of people, but we can’t do it alone.

Every day we receive encouraging emails from supporters, readers, and social media followers who are grateful to find positive and accurate stories about the Arab American community.

We have the platform and the brainpower, but we need the resources. Donate now so that our Arab American voices are heard.

If you aren’t the one to do it, then who?

*Arab America is organized as a for-profit with a non-profit mission.”

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