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Surfing USA? Try Morocco!

posted on: Nov 8, 2021

Catching the blue waves in Morocco. Photo: Surf Paradise Morocco

By: Arab America Contributing Writer/ Waverly Nohr

Morocco is a popular place to go to see historic sights and famous markets, eat at delicious restaurants, and experience all that the cities have to offer. While Morocco is a great place for young people to go because of how affordable it is, it also offers some great and quaint surfing spots. Since the 1960s, surfers have put Morocco on their list of places to catch waves at, and this continues still today. The waves in Morocco are great due to the range in size and difficulty of the waves. 

SurferToday, listed 11 of the best surf spots in Morocco. These include Anchor Point at number one because of “its clean lines and consistency on all tides.” as well as the waves being known as long waves. Coming in at number two is Banana Beach, providing waves for not only the professionals but also for beginner or intermediate surfers. The last one we’ll mention is Boilers, where a shipwreck took place and the remnants of such can still be seen today. This spot is for primary experts, where extremely tubular waves are found. To see the rest, head over to

Historically, surfers have been going to Morocco because of the winter surfing. Professional surfers from Australia and America used to primarily surf in Biarritz and stumbled on Morocco because of its substantially warmer climate. Morocco was an attainable destination to surf because of its European ties and made the perfect surf spot because it shared Africa’s climate. The Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea are two of the warmer bodies of water. 

Watch this Youtube video by the Guardian to see the types of waves that could be yours if you visit Morocco.

While the coastline of Morocco is certainly not as busy as American or Australian surf spots, the video claims that the views are “something out of a movie.” The journey is to find an area that not many people have been able to go to, to find waves untouched by man. Many advent surfers know that the sport of surfing is about going after the landscape even though you’re never quite sure what it should hold. When that one wave presents itself there’s simply no other option but to go for it.

In the visitors, there are experts as well as people who wish to learn more about surfing and how to do it. With intensive week-long programs, surf schools will provide their students with instruction, workouts, meals, and trips around the area. One school called Aloha Surf School is located in Taghazout where many surf competitions have been held, from the year 2003. While visiting Morocco, people can live out their Soul Surfer fantasy of trying to surf, living like Bethany Hamilton, John John Florence, Kelly Slater, or Gabriel Medina. Whether you’re looking for more touristic activities or looking to go solo riding the waves, the coasts have it all.

While staying to surf, there are several places you can stay that are both economical and the small surf city vibes that visitors are looking for. One place in Taghazout called, Taghazout Villa is as low as $35-$46 per night, surrounded by many other people who might be enrolled in the same surf camp. In the surrounding area of Taghazout, visitors can expect a fishing village making for good eats with the locals.

With so much unlocked potential, Morocco could be the place that you’ve been looking to surf at. Even if you don’t find “the wave of your life”, you’re sure to find beautiful scenery and a delicious meal on the shores. Morocco holds many things that have not become mainstream to the rest of the world and perhaps, that is part of the beauty and the mystery of it. 

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