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Take a Tour of These Spring Gardens Amidst a Pandemic

posted on: Jul 16, 2020

Spring Landscapes

By: Yasmina Hage/Arab America Contributing Writer

Spring, what a wonderful season. It announces the end of the cold and the beginning of the summer holidays. Flowers and trees bloom, bringing joy to our lives and our cities. This season is a magnificent explosion of colors!

In addition to the beauty of the landscape offered by spring, it allows families to get closer and do many activities together. They can go for a walk to enjoy the beautiful weather, admire the landscape, take the children to the park—Spring allows us to live many moments in these cities that we call “home.”

In the United States, spring landscapes attract a lot of tourists every year! Tourists come from every corner of the world and many of them are even Americans who want to discover the beautiful landscapes that other regions have to offer.

Let’s admire the beautiful landscapes that spring has to offer in the United States and the Arab countries.

United States

Washington D.C. and its Famous Cherry Blossoms:

After the American conciliation that ended the Russo-Japanese War, Japan looked for a way to thank the United States. The wife of U.S. President William Taft fell under the spell of these blossoming trees during a trip to the island, and in 1912 the mayor of Tokyo presented the city of Washington with some 3,000 cherry trees to celebrate the friendship between the two nations.

Every year, many tourists come from all over the world to admire the beauty of its cherry trees once they are in bloom. They also come to attend the famous Cherry Blossom Festival.

New York: Central Park

Central Park is already well known as a “must-see” place. During springtime, the people who visit it have stars in their eyes thanks to the beautiful and varied flowers.

Skagit Valley:

Every year, there’s the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. It’s a real show, a picture of colors and a rainbow of happiness. Some families of the region have made it a real Easter tradition and go to the event altogether to admire all these flowers.

Antelope Valley:

Every spring, the Antelope Valley California Poppy Preserve offers surprises. In fact, the duration, the intensity of colors, and scents vary from year to year.

Arab countries

Unlike the United States, Arab countries are not famous for their spring landscapes.

People often associate the Maghreb with the desert and the Middle East with urbanization because that is what they are known for. However, in these countries, spring is passing, reviving the cities and highlighting their charms. There are beautiful landscapes to look at, which bring joy and color back to these countries.

Not all Arab countries have tourist places to visit during spring. Moreover, tourists who travel to the Maghreb countries during springtime, for example, head more towards the beach. However, some of these countries have stunning landscapes in spring that are worth the detour and are sometimes underrated.

Morocco with its Valley of Flowers:

Between Boulmane Dades and the Mgoun Valley stretches the valley of roses. Unquestionably one of the most beautiful valleys of the Moroccan Atlas to be discovered on a hike. If you come in April or May, roses will bloom. If you come in February or March, it’s the fruit trees will color the valley.

Algeria and it’s Garden “El Hamma”:

Botanic garden

It’s a place to walk very appreciated by the Algerians and which impresses visitors.


Al Wakrah Park Marah Land

Wakrah Park is seeing a huge rush of families during weekends. There’s a lot of play for the kids, the ambiance is pleasant, and there is a variety of flowers.


Spring Anemones in Palestine

Often, when you think of Palestine, all you can think of is the conflict. However, there are also beautiful landscapes to discover.

Here are the Anemones. This flower has major importance in the history and culture of the Palestinians.


Aleppo Public Park, Syria.

Just like Palestine, we have an image of Syria at war. However, in this country, there are also beautiful landscapes to bring joy and life back to this country.


Rene Mouawad Sanayeh Garden, Lebanon.

Mouawad Sanayeh Garden is one of Beirut’s oldest and most popular gardens; around 11,000 are visiting the garden on weekends and 8,000 during weekdays.


The Palace of Sultan Qaboos.

The garden of Al Alam Palace of Sultan Qaboos, Muscat, Oman.



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