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The Amazing Wonder of Women: Resonant Nobility

posted on: Mar 13, 2024

By: Leila Diab / Arab America Contributing Writer

Women’s History Month is a time for all women of color to stand together and have power over themselves on their journey to be free with justice and human liberation rights. That is the significance of Women’s History Month as well as acknowledge. 

Throughout history, women have been seen on a precise pedestal of enduring strength with honorable praise and attributes as mothers, daughters, sisters, and all the loving guardians of children and family life.

Regardless of many of their life’s unbearable and unforeseen tragic and discriminatory setbacks in times gone by and in the modern 21st century, women continue to be the fantastic wonder of resonant nobility.

The World Court of Humanity and international human rights organizations should be reprising the fate of all Palestinians who hunger and are suffering with hope and humane recourse to bring enduring human stability with justice. Expressions of “save the children” in and out of Palestine are voices heard around the globe.

Honorable people around the world of descent moral values continue to protest aloud, calling for Palestinian human rights and Justice. People like Queen Rania of Jordan (a born Palestinian), Hanan Ashrawi, Vanesa Redgrave, and the worldwide protesters are calling for Palestinian peace with justice, an end to human hunger, and saving the children of Palestinians.  

There is no age limit for people to voice honorable peace and justice for all in a world with or without borders and or religion to an end to illegal occupation of Palestine for decades. Palestinian resistance to illegal occupation of their homeland continues to echo, and enough is enough. Let peace and freedom ring throughout the holy land of Palestine, especially during the holy month of Ramadan fasting for Muslims, and the International Women’s Day of celebration, March 8, 2024, and throughout the world community. 

The rainbow colors outside many doors give hope, salvation, and justice for all Palestinians in and out of Palestine. Celebrate International Women’s Day every day of the year, hoping for a better tomorrow.

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