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The Best 10 Arabic Songs for Your Wedding

posted on: Oct 17, 2019


BAZAAR has curated perfect playlist for your friends, aunts, parents and even your grandparents to dance to!

One of the happiest and most important days of your life should definitely be filled with joy, laughter and love. Although a slow song here and there is customary, we feel they should be restricted to the customary first dance and the ever emotional father-daughter dance. Whether you’re an Arab or not, the foot tapping melodies and catchy lyrics of these chart-topping Arabic tunes are certain to infuse energy to your wedding reception.

Ditch the emo mindset and bring on the once-in-a-lifetime party that your friends and family will never forget. Dull weddings are not ones we keep our agendas, and when it comes to Arab weddings, pumping beats and sing-along tunes are non-negotiable essentials.

The Harper’s BAZAAR Arabia team has worked to compile the top 10 Arabic wedding tunes that we simply cannot get enough of. From Nancy Ajram and Amr Diab to Joe Ashkar or Hussain Al Jassmi, these wedding anthems will bring back your best childhood memories and set a jubilant tone for wonderful new ones.

Scroll down to see our round-up of Arab wedding anthems.


Joe Ashkar – Habibet Alby

Lebanese singer Joe Ashkar shook the music industry with this Arabic song. Any bride or bride-to-be will have listened to it, guaranteed.


Nancy Ajram – Aah W Noss

Nancy Ajram is known for her surplus of musical talents, and this song was one to kick-start a lot of them. Your aunt will definitely try to dance with you to this, bellydancing hips & all.


Nancy Ajram – Lawn Ayounak

Yes, really. Nancy again. This song is not only set as a wedding scene, but it’s so romantic that even the father of the groom will shed a tear.


Hussain Al Jassmi – Boshreit Kheir

Although he’s an Emirati singer, this song is dedicated to all Egyptians. It’ll be impossible to not get up and dance to this once it plays at your wedding.


Abu Ft. Yousra – 3 Daqat

Another good addition from the Egyptians. If you haven’t heard this song, then you’ve definitely been living under a rock for the last 2 years. With our iconic cover-star Yousra featured as well, this song not only topped the charts, but basically broke the internet.


Amr Diab – Nour El Ein

Whether it’s Tamally Maak or Nour El Ein, Amr Diab has been producing all our favourite beach, party and wedding tunes from day one. This song should take you back to your younger years.


Ma Fi Nom – Najwa Karam

Najwa Karam is Lebanese multi-platinum singer and songwriter – and now she’s created the perfect song to Dabbke to at your wedding.


Waleed Al Shami – Ahebah Kolesh

Iraqi singer Waleed Al Shami broke the charts with this perfect wedding song.


Elissa – Aa Baly Habibi

This is the only slightly slow song that we’ll let slide for your wedding. With a more sad tune and deeper meaning, Elissa’s wedding scene isn’t the only thing that’ll bring tears to our eyes.


Rami Ayach – Mabrouk

Start off your wedding with this song, and end your wedding party with this song. It is celebratory in every sense of the word.