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The Top 2 Spy Phone Apps You Should Consider

posted on: Apr 9, 2019

The Top 2 Spy Phone Apps You Should Consider

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Whether you want a spy app to spy on your spouse of your child, there is something for you in our present age. However, getting the best could be one of the most difficult things considering the many apps over the internet that claim to be the best.

You can put your fear of where your teen is going to an end by having an app that will monitor all the activities happening in their phones. You don’t have to break a bank to gain this security for your child. If you are suspecting your spouse is going out with her boss, these spy apps can help you gain some more evidence.

The beauty of these apps is that the target device doesn’t display whether it has the spying app. You can do it without the knowledge of their user. In choosing the best app to remember to check the following:

  • Credibility – ensure that the company or the manufacturer is genuine and is credible. Go to the app that is from a registered producer. Don’t go to an app that is illegal and whose producer you are not sure of.
  • Check their reviews – there will always be reviews over the internet of how the app is serving its customers. However, this should not be so much reliable for others will pay people to do the review. Getting references and referrals could be the best thing.
  • Cost – cost doesn’t always equate to the quality. Just because an app is expensive, it doesn’t automatically mean that it will perform the right function. Look at the features that make up that spy phone app.
  • Compatibility – not all spy phone apps can be installed in windows, androids or iPhones. Consider the compatibility of the app to your device before choosing it.

So what are the 2 major spy apps that can satisfy your needs:

  1. mSpy

This is one of the best spy apps for iPhones that is 100% undetectable; it runs in the background without the knowledge of the user. Because of its efficiency and ease of use, it has become one of the most popular spy apps to over a million users.

With mSpy, you can easily access the social media platforms, phone calls, the browsing history, the location, and the messaging of the target phone. There is no-jailbreaker version that has parental controls and keylogger.

You can try this spy phone app today and get every detail happening in the phone of your spouse of the child. Its price ranges between $29.99 and $69.99 every month.

  1. FlexiSPY

This has been a major competitor of mSpy and has been growing its popularity due to its call interruption feature which allows you to secretly listen and record calls. Nevertheless, you have to jailbreak or root the target phone so that you can install it.

It runs in the background and can easily record the texts, emails, social media, photos, call history, location, call recordings, and browser history among others. The price ranges from $149-$349 per year.


Of course, these are not the only spy phone apps around. We have Highster mobile, Hoverwatch, and Mobile Spy among others. Ensure you check the laws of your State before installing these spy apps because some local authorities don’t allow it.


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