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THEEB Premier November 6, 2015

posted on: Nov 3, 2015

THEEB Premier November 6, 2015

November 6, 2015 

Theeb in Calgary, Canada

Theeb in NY

Theeb in Toronto

Theeb in Vancouver

Film Movement is proud to announce the release of THEEB, the award winning film by Naji Abu Nowar and Jordan’s official submission for the 88th Academy Awards for the Best Foreign Language Film.
Abu Nowar’s film, which was also selected for New Directors/New Films, is a quietly gripping adventure tale that follows Theeb, a young boy who sets off on a dangerous journey across the desert at the height of World War I in1916. While war rages in the Ottoman Empire, Hussein raises his younger brother Theeb (“Wolf”) in a traditional Bedouin community that is isolated by the vast, unforgiving desert. The brothers’ quiet existence is suddenly interrupted when a British Army officer and his guide ask Hussein to escort them on a treacherous journey. The young, mischievous Theeb secretly chases after the travelers, but they soon find themselves trapped amidst threatening terrain riddled with mercenaries, revolutionaries, and outcast raiders, forcing Theeb to live up to the name given to him by his father.