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This Holiday Season: Support Companies that Speak Up for Palestine

posted on: Dec 6, 2023

By: Zayna Salloum / Arab America Contributing Writer

As the holiday season draws near, we have found it increasingly challenging to embrace the joyful spirit of Christmas while being aware of the ongoing ethnic cleansing in Palestine. Each passing day feels like a recurring cycle of sorrow and violence, witnessing a distressing live portrayal of genocide unfolding right before our eyes.

From the turmoil in Gaza and The West Bank to the surge in hate crimes across the US, our hearts feel heavy, dampening any desire to partake in celebrations, especially Christmas. The irony of celebrating Christmas while witnessing the bombing and strife in the very birthplace of Jesus is troubling. How can we revel in festivities while families in Gaza endure displacement, loss of loved ones, and agonizing hunger? It feels wrong, and many of us grapple with this moral conflict as Christmas approaches.

At the same time, we also understand the struggle to participate in holiday work exchanges and families with children eagerly awaiting Santa Claus’s arrival. Sadly, this year’s holiday season coincides with a time when many of us are striving to boycott major corporations like Amazon, Google, and Disney; according to the BDS Movement (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions). Navigating where to shop ethically has become a daunting task, with seemingly every corner endorsing businesses supporting Israel’s actions.

So instead of shopping for big brands this year, let’s focus on staying local. To take it further, we have compiled a researched list of National Companies that have publicly supported Palestine. 


Lulus Crackers  @luluscrackers

Z&Z  @zandzdc

Holy Land Dates   @holylanddates

Knafeh queens   @knafehqueens

Olive Odessey   @olive.odyssey

Haraz coffee shop   @harazcoffeehouse

Treat you batter    @treatyoubatter

Canaan Palestine  @canaan.palestine

Playgrounds For Palestine  @playgroundsforpalestine

Queen City Coffee  @queencitycoffeeroasters

Baba’s Olives   @babasolives

Diaspora Co. Spices   @diasporaco

Alard Products   @alardproductsusa


Huda Beauty  @huda

Mona Kattan Perfume  @monakattan

Lush Cosmetics  @lushcosmetics

DYF Beauty  @dressyourface

Sitti Soap  @sittisoap 

Mul Cosmetics    @mulcosmetics

Suva Beauty  @suvabeauty

Studio Tanais  @studiotanais

Yafa Queen  @yafaqueennaturalproducts

Dr. Sebaa Co.    @drsebaa

Simihaze Beauty      @simihazebeauty

Dieux Skin   @dieuxskin

Noun Naturals   @nounnaturals


Anat International

Native Threads

Kuvrd  @kuvrd
West Bank Apparel  @westbankapparel

Yalla Detroit  @yalladetroit

ThePaliProject   @thepaliproject

Lubna  @lubnapalestine

West Bank Hoodie  @westbankhoodie

Rami Kashou  @ramikashou

Wear The Peace   @wearthepeace

Hirabawi   @hirbawi

Love Closely   @loveclosely

Return Of Palestine  @haneenwadalla

Ayan Resources  @ayanresources

Zaytoona Stitches  @zaytoonstitches

Flstin Fits   @flstin_fits

La Farrah Boutique   @lafarrahboutique

Royal Thobe   @royalthobe

Dipped in Culture  @dippedinculture

Suzy Tamimi   @suzytamimi

Palestinian Hustle   @palestinianhustle

Nol Collective     @nolcollective

Darza   @darzahdesigns

Hama @hama_lifestyle

Turath USA   @turath_usa

Dj Basbousa    @djbasbousa


Hilweh Market  @hilwehmarket

Handmade Palestine @handmadepalestine

Olive & heart  @oliveheart

LifeStraw  @lifestraw

Watan  @watanpalestine

Shop Palestine   @mecashoppalestine

Halseesan Books & Play  @halseesan

Tatreez and Tea  @tatreezandtea

Ohjiya  @ohjiyapuzzles  

Yousra & Co

Palestinian Soap Cooperative   @palestiniansoap


Nominal   @nominal

The Coral Beach  @thecoralbeach

Timalaus  @timalausofficial

Awtani  @awtanix


Jewels of Lara   @jewelsoflara

Home Decor:

Farah Merhi  @farahjmerhi

Modern Wall Art   @modernwallart

Totah Studio  @totahstudio

Days Of Eid   @daysofeid


They Called Me A Lioness   @ahedtamimi

Justice For Some  @nouraeraket

Make Change  @shaunking

Except for Palestine   @marclamonthill 


Small Doses  @amandaseales

Sim Kern   @sim_bookstagrams_badly

The Hundred Years’ War On Palestine  

The Land in Our Bones By Layla K. Feghali @riverroseremembrance


Palestine on A Plate  Joudie Kalla @palestineonaplate

Feast in the Middle East by Blanche Araj @feastinthemiddleeast_

Olives Lemons and Zaatar by Rawia Bishara

The Gaza Kitchen by Laila el-Haddad @gazamom and Maggie Schmitt,

Arabiyya: Recipes from the Life of an Arab in Diaspora  @reem.assil

Craving Palestine      @cravingpalestine

Other Ways to Preserve Our Culture:

Adopt an Olive Tree@handmadepalestine

Learn Arabic:

Ryze Projects  @markhachem

NaTakallam @natakallam

Where to Buy Books Other Than Amazon:

Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books

Standford University Press


Jarir Bookstore


Interlink Publishing

MIT Press Bookstore

Red Emma’s

Cresent Moon Store

Maktaba  @maktaba.bookshop

Finally, a curated playlist of artists who have also been vocal on Palestine.

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