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Variety of Festivals in Jordan: Beautiful Scenes

posted on: Aug 23, 2023

Variety of Festivals in Jordan: Beautiful Scenes
Photo: Pexels

By: Eman El-Ajlouni / Arab America Contributing Writer

Beautiful surroundings, historical riches, and friendly people make Jordan a captivating country in the Middle East. A tapestry of variety festivals showcases the country’s creativity, diversity, and vibrant traditions, even though the festivals themselves stand out as a distinctive cultural event. Explore Jordan’s diverse festival scene, which offers a wealth of experiences from music and art events to food feasts. 

Amman coffee festival: A Fragrant Journey 

Coffee lovers enjoy a festival in the center of Amman, the capital of Jordan. With several coffee variations and the involvement of many companies, they go through the experience in a secure and friendly family setting. The event began with its premiere in its first session in 2019 and has since achieved remarkable success. In its third session this year, 2023, it returns with the goal of surpassing its predecessors’ achievements. The event, which takes place in Al-Hussein Gardens from August 31 to March 9, showcases coffee preparation techniques ranging from traditional to modern. For those who like coffee, this event offers a chance to engage in the country’s rich coffee culture as well as a fragrant voyage and the delightful flavor of coffee.

 Aqaba Traditional Arts Festival: Honoring Traditions

The coastal city of Aqaba, which lies on the banks of the Red Sea, hosts an annual traditional arts festival in February to honor Jordan’s rich Bedouin civilization heritage. The festival features handicrafts and other hand-made works that the makers bring to the coast to showcase and sell, preserving the traditions and giving visitors a chance to engage with the original customs that helped shape Jordan’s identity.

Al-Balad Music Festival: Bringing the Past and Present into Balance

Specifically in the downtown region of Amman, the Al-Balad Festival seeks to encourage musical involvement in the Arab world. This is a biannual festival that began in 2009 and is hosted at the Roman Amphitheater and the Odeon Amphitheater. Many performers and musicians from the Arab world, including those from Jordan, Palestine, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, and other countries, are present at this festival, providing a fusion of classical, modern, and traditional music genres. A captivating ambiance that skillfully combines the past and contemporary is created by the festival’s locations, which are frequently situated against historic scenery.

Jordan Food Week: Appetizing Treats

Jordan Food Week is a week-long celebration of traditional and national cuisine prepared by women from different cities and areas around the kingdom, catering to food enthusiasts. The cuisines that symbolize Jordanian heritage and culture are honored and brought back to life. Since its launch in 2018, it has drawn a large number of visitors, local female producers, well-known chefs, and restaurants, underscoring the significance of cooking in Jordanian culture. To master the techniques for preparing and cooking these culinary delights, there are also cooking classes and live performances.

Photo: Jordanfoodweek

Jerash Festival: A Historic Festival

The breathtaking old city of Jerash serves as the setting for the Jerash Festival, one of Jordan’s most well-known celebrations. Using a fusion of music, dance, theater, and visual arts, this two-week-long spectacular honors the country’s history, art, and culture. In addition to presenting local and regional talent. The festival brings together artists from all over the Arab world to celebrate music and art. It offers a platform for traditional cultural acts, music, modern plays, and a captivating mix of creative forms.  

Video: AP Archive / Circassian dance troupe takes center stage at Jerash Music Festival

Madaba Arts Festival:  A Mosaic City

Madaba, the city of mosaics. Holds this annual event Madaba Arts Festival showcasing the city’s traditions and heritage. By local art via the presentation of plays, dance performances, music, and local handicrafts. It was first introduced in 2018. The Madaba Arts Festival turns Madaba, an old city, into a vibrant, creative canvas. The event honors a variety of forms of art, including visual arts, crafts, performances, and workshops. Viewers may interact with local artists, take in live art displays, and discover how traditional and modern creative expressions blend together. 


In conclusion, Jordan’s festival scene is evidence of the country’s creativity, rich history, and global openness. These events offer a unique viewpoint from which to examine the complex beauty of Jordan’s culture and customs. From enjoying coffee in the center of Amman to becoming fully immersed in traditional arts near the Red Sea. Whatever your passion—food, music, or art—Jordan’s festivals have something really unique to offer every visitor.

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