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VIDEO: Omar Baddar Debunks 3 Myths About Israeli Settlements

posted on: Jan 5, 2017

BY: Nisreen Eadeh/Staff Writer

Arab American political pundit Omar Baddar shares his take on the unraveling news about Israeli settlements. Since the U.S. abstention from the vote on United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 on December 23, which called for an immediate halt to Israel’s illegal settlement program, the media has given special attention to the fallout.

Those commenting in the mainstream media have been mostly pro-Israel supporters who are attempting to persuade the American public, telling them that this resolution is harmful to Israel and a betrayal. However, Israel’s actions are in clear violation of international laws, which say that citizens of an occupying country cannot build homes and live in territories it occupies. Regardless of the fact that only the U.S. continues to protect Israel in the international community, the myth that Israel is not doing anything illegal continues to be perpetuated by the country’s supporters.

And in America, where perspectives from other countries who aren’t afraid to call out Israel are muddled, myths are heard as truth.

According to Omar Baddar, there are three myths about the Israeli settlements to watch out for:

1. “A  claim that the jury is still out on the settlements,” when it has been clear for 50 years that they are illegal.

2. “A claim that the settlements are not the problem” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but is one of the biggest problems for Palestinians at the negotiating table.

3. “A claim that the opposition to the settlements is anti-Semitic,” when it’s really about Palestinians not wanting their homes destroyed and stolen.

These myths are used to trick people into thinking they’re being anti-Semites for criticizing Israel. However, Americans would not be feeling this false guilt if it was not for perpetual myths in the American mainstream media.