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Arab Idol Mohammed Assaf Interviewed in London

By: | posted on: Feb 10, 2015

Let Palestine Sing met the famed Palestinian singer Mohammed Assaf before his show in London in November 2014. Assaf was raised in Khan Younis refugee camp in Gaza and shot onto the international stage as the winner of Arab idol 2013, proudly flying the flag Palestinian anti-occupation struggle.

Since his victory on Egyptian TV station MBC, Assaf has been signed to Platinum Records, a company owned and run by the Qatari billionaire elite. Getting this interview was an immense struggle, but despite the money-makers that inevitably attach themselves to such talented individuals, Mohammed Assaf was friendly and humble, and more than willing to speak about music and politics.

Translation by Mo Al Mutarjam
Intro visuals by Adam Orton –
Music intro, “Doleh” by Basel Zayed –

Let Palestine Sing is a project to research and promote the music of occupied Palestine, linked to a totally unfunded PhD study at King’s College London. This Youtube series is part of this project to give a platform to the revolutionary culture of the Palestinian people. Get in touch to donate or to help launch Let Palestine Sing on a bigger scale!