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WATCH: Hummus for the Homeless

posted on: Jun 23, 2016

Hummus for the Homeless

“Hummus for the Homeless” is Arab America’s Ramadan 2016 program that gives back to the homeless in Washington, DC every Friday during the holy month. With the help of generous donors from the Arab American community, our team has been able to serve delicious Arab and American foods to those less fortunate. Arab America also partnered with Catholic Charities to provide food for the program.

Ramadan is a time of giving back, reflecting on one’s life, and reminding ourselves of the less fortunate who suffer day to day without the option of food or drink. With over 8,350 homeless persons in Washington, DC, Arab America is doing all it can to take Ramadan’s lessons of humility and kindness, and give them to our community.

“Hummus for the Homeless” will be serving delicious meals this Friday, June 24, and next Friday, July 1. To support us in these efforts, CLICK HERE. Watch the video below: