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You Haven’t Been in the Arab World Unless You Have Visited These

posted on: Mar 30, 2021

By: Nana Osei/Arab America Contributing Writer               The Arab world is full of wonderful sites and locations. Many dream to visit the Arab world but few get to actually see its glory. Furthermore, many Arab Americans either dream to go to the Arab world or want to go back again after the wonderful experience they’ve had there. However, there are many sites all over the Arab world that in your lifetime you may not be able to see them all. This is why this article is going to reveal to you the must-see locations of the Arab world that you have to visit in your lifetime!

Egyptian Pyramids

You haven’t been in the Arab World unless you have visited these

The pyramids are known as one of the seven wonders of the world. Tourists from all over the world come to see them in awe and respect. They house the burials of royalty from Ancient Egypt. Within them, archaeologists have found the burials of famous pharaohs. Furthermore, the ancient Egyptians believed that the pyramids would allow their pharaohs to ascend into heaven and be with the sun god RA.

The pyramids have stood strong since 2630 B.C. Also, they were built with mathematics and precision way ahead of their time. This even causes some people to speculate that they were built by aliens! Although, this is an outrageous assumption seeing the pyramids is an experience out of this world.


You haven’t been in the Arab World unless you have visited these

Beirut is the capital of Lebanon and it a place full of rich culture. Also, Beirut has so many places to go that you can spend a whole vacation just there alone!

You haven’t been in the Arab World unless you have visited these

Beirut has many beautiful museums that show its culture. The National Museum of Beirut encompasses that; it holds over 1000 artifacts that come from prehistoric times to the medieval Mamluk period. The museum’s collections will allow you to learn so much about Beirut’s rich history. Moreover, Beirut also has many art museums for those that appreciate fine art.

You haven’t been in the Arab World unless you have visited these

There are many beautiful beaches and resorts in Beirut. There is the White Beach which is literally full of bright, white sand spanning far and wide. Also, there is the Tyre beach which is free to enter and is popular among tourists. It comes with a clean ocean and great dining options!


Mecca is found in the Hejazi region of Saudi Arabia. All followers of Islam should try to make their pilgrimage to this holy land so that they may see the Kaaba. The Kaaba is located in the Grand Mosque and many Muslims travel all over the world to visit. Mecca is considered to be Islam’s holiest city. It was also the birthplace of the Prophet Mohammad.
Mecca is extremely important in the Islamic faith. Going to see it is part of a pilgrimage known as the Hajj that is mandatory at least once in the life of able-bodied followers of the Islamic faith. Muslims also pray in the direction of Mecca. This shows just how important it is and why Arab-American Muslims should definitely see this site in the Arab world.


Another holy city that you need to visit is Jerusalem. Jerusalem is important to Islam, Christianity, and Jewish culture. It is located in the Middle East, located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea. Jerusalem is known to be one of the oldest cities in the whole world. It has so much rich history and is a beautiful location to visit. Its culture is essential to the Arab world and all Arab Americans should try to visit it at least once.


Dubai is a location in the Arab world that you will never want to leave. It features luxury shopping, beautiful resorts, and delightful hotels. Many people come to Dubai on vacation to experience its lavish life. Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates. Its architecture is something to behold with expansive skyscrapers that seem to go all the way into space.  Dubai also has some of the most amazing restaurants. Make sure to save your money before you go on a trip there as you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth wherever you go!

In the end, life can be short so I hope you all will be able to visit one of these locations at some point in your life.

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