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10 Arab Chefs from the Arab World

posted on: Nov 17, 2020

10 Arab Chefs from the Arab World

By: Nadia Reese/Arab America Contributing Writer

There are chefs all over the world. Some people may not even be aware of the chefs in the Arab world. Here are the top ten Arab chefs that you should follow.

1. Bader Najeeb

10 Arab Chefs from the Arab World

Chef B or Chef Bader Najeeb is a chef from Dubai. Najeeb taught himself to cook which sets himself from other chefs. He studied accounting in the past. After that, Bader attended the Culinary Arts Academy in Switzerland where he practices in Pastry and Chocolate Arts. At the age of 17, he hosted two shows: the National Geographic Abu Dhabi channel on YouTube and Sama Dubab.

2. Gregoire Berger

10 Arab Chefs from the Arab World

Originally from Brittany, France, Gregoire Berger is the head chef of The Palm in Dubai. Berger began at “La Closerie De Kerdrain.” Berger was an 18 year-old chef at “La Domaine de Rochevilaine.” After that, Berger opened Atlantis’ underwater restaurant, Ossiano in 2014. Berger received many awards for his accomplishments as a chef. He won the 2016 MEA’s (Middle East and African region) S. Pellegrino Young Chef Award and at the 2017 World Luxury Restaurant Awards for the Best Luxury Seafood Restaurant. 

3. Joudie Kalla

10 Arab Chefs from the Arab World

Palestinian and Syrian-born chef Joudie Kalla is the author of Palestine on a Plate. The dishes in her book are for vegans and vegetarians alike. Traditional Palestinian dishes that people who are vegan can enjoy are included. In addition, the dishes and methods of cooking presented in Palestine on a Plate are from her grandmother.

4. Mirette Aly

10 Arab Chefs from the Arab World

Culinary director and co-founder of The Lemon Tree, Mirette Aly didn’t start off as a chef. Born in Egypt with relative ties to Turkey. Aly graduated from the American University in Cairo after studying Journalism, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Film.

5. Herald Oberender

Herald Oberender is a chef, hospitality personality. Furthermore, the Director of Kitchens at the Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC). He is a native of Dubai. He studied hospitality in Kassel, Germany’s Hotel School. As of 2011, his team at the DWTC consisted of 148 cooks who served nearly 12,000 customers a day. In his lifetime, Oberender traveled to many countries. For instance, he traveled to the UK, the US, South Africa, the UAE, Ethiopia, and Germany. Herald and his team at the DWTC published a cookbook known as A Culinary Journey. The cookbook contains over 30 recipes that you can try today!

6. Ahmad Tawil

Syrian chef, Ahmad Tawil is the owner of the project, “Home Chef Lebanon.” Customers can choose everything from vegan dishes to bechamel chicken. Sometime in his life, Tawil and his family moved to Lebanon. During his time in Lebanon, he gained experience in some restaurants. He took a course called accelerated hospitality at Beirut’s CIS College. According to Anera, this made him “believe that he didn’t just learn to cook, he learned how to think professionally.”  

7. Job Barza

Master Celebrity Chef and TV personality, Joe Barza is a work of art as a chef. Barza appeared in media channels including CNN and the New York Times. Barza has worked professionally as a chef for over 30 years. Furthermore, he has traveled to over 27 countries to prepare dishes for everyone. Some of his biggest achievements have been working as a host for the Middle Eastern version of the American television series, “Top Chef” where he was a host alongside Siham Tueini and chef KaRaM. You can learn more about his work and maybe try one of his recipes on his website,

8. Fadi Kattan

Chef Fai Kattan is making strides with his restaurant, Fadwa Restaurant and Cafe. Chef Fai Kattan, who is of Palestinian descent has a mission in Israel. It was to teach Israeli citizens and tourists that there are other Palestinian dishes. In other words, Kattan wanted to show Israeli more of his culture in using cooking.

9. Alan Geaam

Alan Geaam is a Lebanese and French chef who was born in Liberia. Not only does Geaam have a passion for cooking and for boxing. In fact, he developed his cooking skills by learning from the book. His cuisines are French and Lebanese influenced.

10. Charles Azar

Lebanese and French Chef Charles Azar began his cooking journey at a very young age. He worked with Meilleurs Ouvriers de France. He won the World Pastry Cup three times. France knows him as the Master Consultant and Master Chocolatier. He currently teaches at St. Joseph University as Head of Pastry in France. In addition, he created a business in 2014 known as Charles Azar Consultancy Services. 

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