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10 things Arab women with curly hair are sick of hearing

posted on: Apr 2, 2017


Growing up with a thick head of curly hair can be challenging. It is even more of a challenge when you are an African or a Middle Eastern woman.

Although a large percentage of people here have naturally curly hair-they cannot help but hate on it for the many comments they receive.

As one curly haired woman to another, may your glorious curls be low on frizz and high on volume.

1. “You have too much hair”

How much is too much hair? In comparison to whom? I’m pretty sure that’s not even a thing.

2. “You look messy”

Gee … thanks.

3. “Don’t you ever brush it?”

Wait, brush? What is that? Oh, no- never. Ever. I have never in my life brushed my hair.

4. “I think straight hair just looks nicer”

Thanks for sharing your opinion. But, I really don’t care.

5. “Your hair is so big!”

It’s where I keep all my secrets. Including how I’m planning to get rid of you.

6. “How do you make it so curly?”

Now this is a comment your token white friend would make. Indulge them, they honestly don’t know how curly hair works.

7. “You look stressed”

The only thing stressing me out are these comments about my hair.

8. “Straight hair is healthier than curly hair”

Here, dump this toxic chemical soup on your head and let it burn into your scalp for a few hours, then burn your hair to a crisp with a straightener. That’s how you’ll get it good and healthy.

9. “OMG you look so much prettier with straight hair”

That one time you decide to shake things up and straighten your hair, people make you instantly regret it.

10. “Don’t you wish your hair were different?”

My hair tells the story of my ancestors, my land, my history. So, no, I don’t wish my hair were different.