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6 Perfect Arab Dips For Summer

posted on: Apr 19, 2017

The weather is warming up, which means it’s time for picnics and being outdoors! Dips with pita, felafel, vegetables, and more, are easy side dishes or starters for the main course. They’re easy to prepare and fun to share! Below are six delicious Arab dips to make this summer:

1. Hummus

The classic dip of the Arab world! Usually made with four or five simple ingredients, hummus is a staple with any dish. Originally credited as being Egyptian, it has become one of the most popular side dishes throughout the entire world.

Here is an easy recipe for garlic hummus.

2. Muhammara

A beautifully colorful dip, muhammara brightens up any table! It’s deep red/orange hue is produced by red peppers and walnuts. It came from Aleppo, Syria, and soon everyone loved its peppery kick.

A recipe for bright muhammara can be found here.

3. Baba Ghannoush

This fabulous dip is enhanced by the smoky flavor of roasted eggplant. Found all throughout the Arab world, baba ghannoush spread from the Levant area hundreds of years ago.

Try out this super easy version at home with this recipe.

4. Labneh with Za’atar

What has spread from Lebanon to rest of the Arab world is labneh, a yogurt dip that pairs perfectly with olive oil and za’atar. It is one of the simplest dips to make, and can be eaten with a number of dishes.

Here’s a great recipe for labneh you can try at home.

5. Zhug

This fresh and subtly spicy dip is perfect for a little added kick to your meal or appetizers. Made with a variety of spices, herbs, peppers, and olive oil, it’s a smooth yet flavorful sauce that goes great with some pita or falafel.

Try some of this tangy, spicy dip for yourself with this recipe.

6. Tahini

The perfect dip for falafel, pita, veggies, and more, tahini is a beige, creamy sauce made from sesame seeds. Popular throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East, this dip has become a staple in every Arab’s home.

Have a go at making your own tahini with this recipe.