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Amal Chammout: First Female Police Officer to Wear Hijab

posted on: Sep 6, 2016

by Asmaa Bahadi

Morocco World News

Amal Chammout recently became the first uniformed policewoman to wear a hijab on duty. Chammout’s picture went viral on social when she was announced as the first female police officer to wear the hijab in the United States.

Dearborn, Michigan, is known for having one of the largest Arab-American populations in the U.S, with 41 percent of residents who are of Arab descent.

The appointment of the 23-year-old Amal Chammout by Dearborn PD as an ordinance officer came to face the “Islamophobia” phenomenon that is spreading globally and to “dispel some of the stereotypes”, according to Ronald Haddad, Dearborn chief of police.

Haddad said that hijab won’t cause harm to anybody. He also described hiring Chammout as “a huge step for the community, for the Arab and Muslim community in particular.”

Chammout is an American citizen with Lebanese origins. She is from the southern town, Bahraich in Lebanon.

Chammout said in an interview with AlJadid Channel that she entered the police department to help people, assist law enforcement officials, and educate other people about public safety.

In another interview with AJ+, Chammout stated. ”I’m just like any other officer here. There is no difference…I’m just here to do my job.”

Chammout plans to go university in the future to get her master’s degree in criminal justice to exceed what she learned in college. She also hopes to be an inspiration to all women and minorities, not only women who wear the hijab.