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Arab American in Dearborn Finds This Hate Letter in Her Mailbox #HummusHaters

posted on: Nov 21, 2016

BY: Nisreen Eadeh/Staff Writer

Over the weekend, Arab America was notified about a hateful letter received by an Arab American resident in Dearborn, Michigan. The woman who found the letter in her mailbox Saturday afternoon wishes to remain anonymous, but her cousin was able to give us details so that others can stay on high alert.

The letter features President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign logo at the top, followed by graphic language informing the reader that the “Neighborhood Town Watch” will not tolerate anyone wearing a headscarf anymore.

The letter orders the reader to either “take your radical attire [off] and live like all Americans” or “go back to your God Forsaken land you came from.” The letter looks like it was printed from a home printer, meaning it could have come from anyone. Other postings of the letter on Twitter and Reddit have brought out many allegations that the letter is fake and not from the Trump campaign. Rather, it’s more likely that it came from Islamophobic Trump supporters, or anyone simply looking to perpetuate bigotry.

The “Neighborhood Town Watch” signs the letter, but no names or addresses are listed. A search into the “Neighborhood Town Watch” only came up with various cities and their official neighborhood watch programs.

Arab America’s contact is deeply troubled by the letter, regardless of whether or not it comes from an official source. If you, or anyone you know, receive this letter, please contact your local police station. The people who wrote this letter seem more than willing to act on their threats, which should be taken seriously.

If anyone has further information about this letter, please let Arab America know by contacting