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Arab Americans Endorse Biden for President

posted on: Oct 7, 2020

Arab Americans Endorse Biden for President

Washington, D.C. – A diverse group of Arab American public servants, professionals, and advocates launched a support committee endorsing Vice President Joe Biden for President. Arab Americans for Biden will serve as an organizing committee to engage the Biden/Harris supporters among the 3.7 million Arab Americans across the country. Situated in some of the most important general election swing states, Arab American voters are represented in high numbers in key states including Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

The support committee is comprised of 56 individuals from 19 states and the District of Columbia. It includes elected officials serving on city councils, in statehouses, and in the U.S. House of Representatives- all of whom have come together in support of organizing Arab Americans in key states to turn out their vote in the general election.

Dr. James Zogby, a longtime member of the Democratic National Committee and one of the endorsers, stated,

“Not only does Vice President Biden have the policies that would best support Arab Americans, but the Biden/Harris ticket would begin the process of undoing the damage done to our democracy and to people’s lives in communities across the country. From everything we’ve seen, we believe Arab Americans will strongly turnout for Biden. With just over 50 days to go, we are all working to make sure it happens.”

Noting the role she observed the Vice President play while she served in the Obama Administration, Fayrouz Saad added,

“Vice President Biden will continue to lead with compassion and an unwavering commitment to improve the lives of every American. He embraces the partnership of Arab Americans and will restore our values as a nation of immigrants.”

Citing a recently released Biden/Harris campaign document entitled, “Joe Biden and the Arab American Community: A Plan for Partnership,” the endorsement stated the policy document represents for Arab Americans the campaign’s “commitment to partnership, the protection of our civil rights and civil liberties, and a new vision for global justice, including Palestinian human rights.” From serving as surrogates on the campaign trail, staff, and volunteers who phone banks from their homes, Arab Americans are engaged in various ways to support the victory of Vice President Biden and Senator Kamala Harris in November.”

See the official release of Arab American Leaders for Biden here.


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