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Arab Americans

Michael Nouri

Michael Noury

Michael Nouri (born December 9, 1945) is an American television and film actor. He may be best known for his role as Nick Hurley, in the 1983 film Flashdance. He has had recurring roles in numerous television series, including NCIS as Eli David, the father of Mossad officer (now Special Agent) Ziva DavidThe O.C. as Dr. Neil Roberts, and Damages as Phil Grey. He also appeared as Congressman Stewart with Queen Latifah in the 2006 comedy movie Last Holiday and Detective Thomas Beck in the science fiction action film The Hidden.

Early life

Nouri was born in Washington, D.C., the son of Gloria (née Montgomery) and Edmond Nouri. His father was born in Baghdad in 1918. His education at Jesuit Baghdad College won him an IBM scholarship to Georgetown University in 1938. In 1942, he enlisted in the US Army as an Iraqi national, and served in China and Burma, before becoming an American citizen. Shortly after, he worked as a staff writer for the Stars and Stripes and The New Yorker, and as a commodities trader at US Steel.


Year Title Role Notes
2015 The Squeeze Film
2015 The Slap (TV mini-series)
2014 Taken Away
2014 The Exes (TV-series, guest star)
2014 Teleios
2013 Hunt for the Labyrinth Killer
2012 Any Day Now
2011 House (TV series) – episode “Risky Business
2010-2011 All My Children
2010 Legend of the Seeker
2009-2010 Army Wives
2009 The Proposal
2008 Privileged TV series
2008-2013 NCIS TV series
2007 Law & Order: Criminal Intent TV series – episode Brother’s Keeper
2007-2010 Damages TV series
2007 Brothers & Sisters TV series
2006 CSI: NY TV series
2006 Invincible
2006 Boynton Beach Club
2006 Last Holiday
2004 The Young and the Restless TV series
2004 Medical Investigation
2004 The Terminal
2004 Searching for Bobby D
2004 Star Trek: Enterprise (TV series) – episode “The Forge
2004-2007 The O.C. TV series
2003 Stuey
2003 Cold Case TV series
2003 Klepto
2002 Terminal Error
2001 61*
2001 Lovely & Amazing
2001 Second Honeymoon
2001 Carman: The Champion
2000 Finding Forrester
1999 Too Rich: The Secret Life of Doris Duke TV series
1998 This Matter of Marriage TV
1996 Overkill
1995 To the Limit
1995 Between Love & Honor TV
1995 Hologram Man
1995 Victor/Victoria TV
1994 Lady In Waiting
1994 Inner Sanctum II
1994 Eyes of Terror TV
1993 American Yakuza
1993 Da Vinci’s War
1993 Fortunes of War
1993 No Escape, No Return
1992 The Sands of Time TV
1992 Exclusive TV
1992 Love & War TV series
1992 Psychic
1992 In the Arms of a Killer TV
1992 Black Ice
1991 Changes TV
1991 Total Exposure
1990 Captain America
1990 Shattered Dreams TV
1990 Fatal Sky
1990 Little Vegas
1990 Thieves of Fortune
1988 Quiet Victory: The Charlie Wedemeyer Story TV
1987 The Hidden
1986 Rage of Angels: The Story Continues TV
1986 Downtown TV series
1986 GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords
1986 Between Two Women TV
1986 The Imagemaker
1986 Star Fairies
1984 Spraggue TV
1983 Bay City Blues TV series
1983 Secrets of a Mother and Daughter TV
1983 Flashdance
1981 The Gangster Chronicles TV series
1981 Gangster Wars
1980 Fun and Games TV
1979 The Last Convertible TV series
1979 The Curse of Dracula TV series
1977 Contract on Cherry Street TV
1975-1978 Search for Tomorrow TV series
1975 Beacon Hill TV series
1970 Somerset TV series
1969 Goodbye, Columbus