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Why Beirut was Named the Top International City for Food

posted on: Aug 17, 2016


BY: Adriana Murray/Contributing Writer 

People often ask what they possibly have in common with someone halfway across the world and the answer is food.  Everyone desires not only to nourish their bodies, but also to have incredibly delicious food experiences. This week, Arab Americans, as well as Arabs everywhere, can be proud that Beirut, Lebanon was named the best city for international cuisine.

The annual World’s Best Awards survey gives readers the opportunity to share their stories and opinions on cities, cruise lines, luxury items, and various other delights in life. The readers rated the cities based on several factors, including food. The survey is conducted annually and this year, there were many new surprises on the list.

New travel destination favorites appeared on this year’s list, beating out the more frequently traveled cities of Europe and America. Beirut is one of those surprising new favorites, taking the number one spot in this year’s survey.

Tawlet, a Lebanese restaurant, led Beirut to its victory as the number one international city for food in 2016. Tawlet is set in the hip neighborhood of Mar Mikhael, which features fresh food and a friendly atmosphere. In Tawlet, customers are made to feel right at home and can taste the love that the cooks put into their dishes.

Why Beirut is Named the Top International City for Food
Image from Souk Eltayeb

Some of Tawlet’s popular menu items include goat tartare, and for adventurous eaters, there’s hrisset akub, which is lamb porridge with wild thistle.

The famous Lebanese restaurant also features delicious and exciting breakfast items. Foodies who give the Al Soussis fatteh a try wish they could eat it every day. It is a traditional dish of toasted pita, chickpeas, yogurt, and pine nuts that is customary to Lebanon.

This special blend of comfort and delicacy has largely contributed to the international attention Tawlet has received.

For decades, Beirut has been adored for its beautiful sights and people, but now, it’s also adored for its food, which has officially made its way onto the culinary map. So the next time you think about booking a trip, be sure to give Beirut a chance.