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I’m a gay man. Don’t use an attack on my community as an excuse for Islamophobia.

Jun 13, 2016

German Lopez Like other gay Americans on Sunday, I woke up to the news of the mass shooting at a gay club in Orlando, Florida, with absolute horror. My immediate reaction was to turn to my sleeping husband and(...)

Arab America Helps to Feed Washington, DC

Jun 11, 2016

On Monday, June 5, Arab America announced its 2016 Ramadan campaign, "Hummus for the Homeless." It partnered with Catholic Charities to achieve its modest help during the holy month of Ramadan.  Every Friday during Ramadan, we are serving the homeless of Washington, DC.(...)
The PalBox: From Palestine to You

American Delivery Service Supports Local Palestinian Businesses

Jun 10, 2016

BY:  Kristina Perry/Contributing Writer Growing from the recent boom in subscription goods services, PalBox is a fair trade and 501(c)(3) organization that sends organic and cultural Palestinian goods in a quarterly box. Half of all proceeds from purchases of PalBox benefit(...)

Study on Mediterranean Food Shows Better Weight Loss Results

Jun 10, 2016

BY: Nisreen Eadeh/Staff Writer A Spanish research paper entitled PREDIMED recently released results from a five-year study that is surprising people all over the world. The study examined the effect of a Mediterranean diet on the bodyweight and waist circumference(...)

Cornel West Objects to Israeli Occupation of Palestine in DNC Platform Committee

Jun 10, 2016

In an unprecedented discussion during the Democratic National Convention platform-writing committee hearing, Dr. Cornel West responded to Rep. Robert Wexler's justification for Israel's occupation. Dr. West respectfully pushed back from this justification, saying the occupation is a very real part(...)
Muhammad Ali and the Greater Arab World

Muhammad Ali: His Funeral and the Greater Arab World

Jun 10, 2016

By: Eugene Smith/Contributing Writer Muhammad Ali’s deeds reverberated in America’s conscious as emblematic of freedom, redemption, and an unwavering commitment to justice. He was prone to controversy, yet he never wavered from his principles. In his old age he rose(...)

Elaph 15th Anniversary Reception Hosted by Arab America and NUSACC

Jun 10, 2016

On June 2, Arab America and NUSACC hosted a reception at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to honor the 15th Anniversary of Arabic newspaper, Elaph, and its founder Othman al-Omeir. Elaph was founded under the principles of free(...)

Michigan Student Facing Anti-Arab Harassment and Slurs #HummusHaters

Jun 10, 2016

With all the anti-Arab bashing we see in the news every week, Arab America is determined to expose those who discriminate against our community. We will recognize those who vilify the positive influence and contributions Arabs have made to the(...)

PCRF Launches 30-Day Fundraising Campaign Benefitting Syrian Refugees

Jun 9, 2016

KENT, OH -– On June 5th, The PCRF launched its annual campaign throughout the month of Ramadan, with a special focus this year on Syrian refugees currently in Lebanon, Jordan, and Gaza. The online global fundraising initiative, PCRF Ramadan 2016(...)

Western Union Launches Global Ramadan Program “30 Days of Betters”

Jun 9, 2016

Western Union is a proud sponsor of Arab America's Ramadan campaign. Arab Americans can send money to loved ones during this charitable month using Western Union. Those back home can also use the money sending service to get rewards after(...)

An Arab American's Solution to Voter Frustration

Jun 9, 2016

BY: Sam Husseini/Contributing Writer The dissent within the Democratic Party that Sen. Bernie Sanders has sparked needs somewhere to go. It should go in a direction that doesn't back Clinton -- and doesn't help Trump. That seems like you can't(...)

What Does the Clinton Nomination Mean for Arab Americans?

Jun 8, 2016

BY: Andrew Hansen/Contributing Writer As of Monday, Hillary Rodham Clinton has clinched the Democratic nomination after a long battle for the nomination against Independent Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders. The news surfaced hours before the polls opened for the Democratic Primary(...)

1,826 Results (Page 130 of 153)