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State Rep Rashida Tlaib Among Those to Rally Against Racial Profiling

Aug 20, 2011

The head of the UAW union and two Detroit Congressmen are to join Latinos, Muslims, and other minorities in a(...)

Obeidallah: America, How Can Muslim-Americans Reach Non-Muslims?

Aug 19, 2011

A group of Muslims recently traveled to the Deep South. Were they met with ... A. Anger? B. Threats? C.(...)

Youth Leadership Committee of Lebanese American Heritage Club Host Solidarity Day with Somalia

Aug 19, 2011

The Youth Leadership Committee of the Lebanese American Heritage Club, with the help and support of recognized Arab American Organizations(...)

No Chris Christie in Lansing: Rick Snyder Has No 'Formal Opinion' on Anti-Sharia Bill

Aug 18, 2011

A spokeswoman for Governor Rick Snyder says he is reviewing Rep. Dave Agema’s bill to prevent implementation of “foreign laws,”(...)

Detroit's Arab Americans

Aug 17, 2011

The Detroit region is the place where the Middle East and the midwest come together. For decades immigrants from the(...)

Advanced Technology Academy, Serving the Arab American Community, Earns Continuing Accreditation

Aug 16, 2011

Executive Director Barry T. Hawthorne announced today that The Advanced Technology Academy earned continuing accreditation from the North Central Association(...)

The Muslims Are Coming Comedy Tour Packs House in Nashville

Aug 15, 2011

"The Muslims are Coming!" comedy show, with jokes celebrating cultural differences, pleased a diverse crowd Saturday, packing most all 450(...)

Mubarak Behind Bars: Human Rights & Substantive Justice

Aug 15, 2011

<i>Human rights standards may well not be met in this trial, but the more essential purpose is to prove there’s(...)

Court Sentences Twenty-Five Relatives of Ben Ali and His Wife to Prison

Aug 14, 2011

When the 23-year reign of ex-Tunisian President Zine el Abidine ben Ali crumbled this year after nationwide popular protests that(...)

Dearborn-Based Al-Mabbarat To Host Annual Iftar Fundraiser

Aug 14, 2011

Thanks to the generosity of many humble, benevolent community members, thousands of orphans of war-torn Lebanon have been assured adequate(...)

Director Plans Arab-American Trilogy With Sienna Miller Film

Aug 13, 2011

"Just Like a Woman," a movie starring Sienna Miller, is the first in Oscar-nominated director Rachid Bouchareb's planned trilogy about(...)

LAHC Youth Committee Hosts Food Drive to Aid Suffering in Somalia

Aug 12, 2011

The LAHC Youth Committee has organized a canned food drive to aid those suffering in Somalia. There are several locations(...)

15,350 Results (Page 1,174 of 1280)