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UN Palestinian Vote Heralds ‘Birth of New World Order’

Dec 7, 2012

November 2012 will be remembered as a turning point for the US, Israel and the Palestinians. The United Nations General(...)

Aleppo: How Syria Is Being Destroyed

Dec 6, 2012

This year, Aleppo will produce no soap. The late-medieval souks in which craftsmen fashioned blocks of the famous olive oil(...)

The Empire Behind World’s Largest History Magazine Chain: How American History Magazine Censored Palestine

Dec 6, 2012

It all started out simply enough. The nonprofit Council for the National Interest, of which I am president, recently tried(...)

Arab-American Media Bring News to Diverse and Growing Community

Dec 5, 2012

At a time of major news devel­op­ments in the Middle East and North Africa, the Arab-American media’s efforts to meet(...)

Palestine: State of Play

Dec 4, 2012

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Student Work on the Art of Arabic Calligraphy

Dec 3, 2012

For more than 1,400 years, calligraphy has been celebrated as one of the Middle East's greatest art forms, says Duke(...)

Spray Can Messenger: Aerosol Arabic Brings Ornate Islamic Graffiti to Urban Walls

Dec 2, 2012

Aerosol Arabic is the handle for Mohammad Ali, a graffiti artist who incorporates beautiful, ornate Islamic script into street art(...)

Arab Youths Take 'Arabs More Than Oil' Message to Climate Talks

Dec 1, 2012

More than 100 members of the nascent Arab Youth Climate Movement have descended on Doha to bring a message to(...)

Local Arabs Call U.N. Ruling a Small Victory

Nov 30, 2012

Metro Detroit's Arab Americans said a vote Thursday in the United Nations to elevate the status of the Palestinian territories(...)

Arab-American Media: Bringing News to a Diverse Community

Nov 29, 2012

At a time of major news developments in the Middle East and North Africa, the Arab-American media’s efforts to meet(...)

The Advocates Releases Curriculum Featuring Iraqi Immigrant Stories

Nov 29, 2012

In partnership with the Iraqi & American Reconciliation Project (IARP), The Advocates for Human Rights (The Advocates) has designed a(...)

Jazz Meets Maqam on December 1st, A Celebration of Arab Culture in America

Nov 28, 2012

Arabic music does not come often to America, and when it does it is usually in the form of pop(...)

16,580 Results (Page 1,226 of 1382)