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Color Inside the Lines, Arab American Racial Identity

Aug 25, 2010

BY: Khaled A. Beydoun/Contributing Writer The 2010 US Census re-initiated the debate about where Arab America fits in within the nation’s(...)

Hanania Wins the 2010 National Sigma Delta Chi Award for Column Writing Defending a Chicago Suburban Arab Muslim Grocer

Aug 25, 2010

Ray Hanania wins the 2010 National Sigma Delta Chi Award for his series detailing and defending the rights of a(...)

Global Thursdays Fall Season Offers Musical Journeys to Latin America, Arab World, Eastern Europe and Beyond

Aug 24, 2010

Why does a museum with “Arab” in its name present performing artists from cultures unrelated to the Arab World or(...)

Arab American Rima Fakih is Not Miss Universe, But is Standing Tall as Miss USA

Aug 24, 2010

Miss USA Rima Fakih was eliminated on Monday evening in the Miss Universe pageant. Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete, a 22-year-old(...)

In New Mideast Talks, A Small Victory For U.S.

Aug 22, 2010

The Obama administration has set the date for the first direct Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in two years, a small diplomatic(...)

Muslim Woman Sues Disneyland Over Headscarf

Aug 21, 2010

A Muslim woman is suing Disneyland, accusing the company’s California theme park of discrimination for telling her she could not(...)

What the Arab Papers Say About Mosque Controversy

Aug 21, 2010

Having largely ignored the story in recent weeks, the Arab press has begun to take note of the controversy over(...)

Mosque Debate Grows, Splinters

Aug 19, 2010

Politicians beyond New York continued to stake out positions Tuesday on the controversy over plans to build an Islamic center(...)

Governor Seeks 9/11 Mosque Talks

Aug 19, 2010

The governor of New York, David Paterson, is seeking face-to-face talks with the Imam and developer who are behind plans(...)

Lebanon Grants Palestinian Refugees Right to Work

Aug 19, 2010

ebanon's state-run news agency says Parliament has passed a law that for the first time grants the country's Palestinian refugees(...)

Maalouf Salon-Making "Stars" in Birmingham

Aug 18, 2010

On the upcoming season of Bravo's The Rachel Zoe Project viewers will be able to see Joey Maalouf -- of(...)

Lebanon Tries to Retain Arabic in Polyglot Culture

Aug 17, 2010

Maya Sabti's children were born and raised in Lebanon but they speak only broken Arabic and cringe when presented with(...)

16,020 Results (Page 1,268 of 1335)